APP/3B2 Release Notes

15th Sep 20

Arbortext Layout Developer v12.0.1.0 Release notes (Build 5638) o Fixed print ranges with the tprint macro (SPR 9521875) (Build 5671) o Fixed crash augmenting data using predicates (SPR 9480779) o Fixed redraw issue when bringing the main window to the front while a document is loading (SPR 9340607) o Fixed fFormatting.recordEnd() align parameter (SPR 9497160) o Updated PStill library […]

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27th Sep 19

Arbortext Layout Developer V12.0.0 Release Notes

Name Change Advanced Print Publisher becomes PTC Arbortext Layout Developer Layout Developer more accurately describes the role of the application within the Arbortext product suite There are no changes to the scope of the application, licensing or pricing structure Interface New main Toolbar More modern look and feel Most common development tasks represented Icon system […]

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13th Mar 19

Arbortext APP V11.2 M050 Release Notes

M050 maintenance release of APP 11.2 is now available to download to active AMC customers. This is strictly a critical fixes only release of APP. It has these fixes in: Adding -su command line parameter and document saving preference to allow 3d files to be saved as UTF-8 Fixed pointer error using a named bookmark […]

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6th Dec 18

Arbortext APP V11.2 M040 Release Notes

The release notes say this: Adding support for zipped 3d files, using the file extension “.3dz”. JS Debugger enhancements. Fixed index group identifiers in the strings file (SPR 7624429) Fixed issue with the taccctrl dialog not updating accolades correctly (SPR 7470629) Fixed crash with the “update” keyword with modeless dialogs (SPR 7737407) Fixed XML printer […]

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9th Oct 18

Arbortext APP V11.2 M030 Release Notes

The M030 maintenance release of APP 11.2 is now available. This is a ‘urgent fixes only’ release, new features scheduled for M040. The release notes say this: Fixed crash with the Drive drop-down menu on the File Open dialog (SPR 7564783) Fix crash with JS Printer driver (SPR 7573446) Fix crash when formatting empty footnotes […]

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