Feature highlights of this release are:

  • Support for CSS
    • Although we had some old CSS support, we have released a new and updated version of CSS support in ALD
    • Use CSS alongside context and tag matching to format your XML
    • Style both text properties and page layouts (using the @page selectors)
    • Associate CSs stylesheets with content using inline <?xml-stylesheet ?> processing instruction, as a stream property or as part of a new function attached to a stream
  • Debugger updates
    • A new pages panel to view the pages in a document along with current page information
    • Raster graphic preview in the edit windows
  • Other enhancements
    • Page retry count – you can now set the maximum number of page retries from page end events
    • New fToolbarGroup object to represent groups in toolbars
    • New checkbox icons (rather than the old ‘tick boxes’
    • Cyclic button dialog field type
    • Frame nudge – extensions to tfext, tforig and tfsrot to add small increments to those properties along with keyboard shortcuts for the same
    • Inline fRules[] object for fStyle to allow boxed graphical rules to be applied inline

Documentation for these features is provided in the Help Centre.

A new FOM help tool is also provided. Look for ‘FOM HELP SITE GENERATOR.3d’ in the {@}l/3D/FOM folder – open that, follow the instructions and the site will be created for you from the fom_definitions.xml file at the same location.

The release notes:

  • Multiple fixes to improve stability of XML DOM handling
  • Improve performance of opentype fonts, delaying glyph loading until required (SPR 12714234)
  • Fixed corruption when saving content into ALE documents (SPR 12777852, 12932852, 13262056)
  • Ensure nested namespaces are written out when saving as an ALE document (SPR 12768751)
  • Widen Zoom field on status toolbar to fit the German translation (SPR 10800462)
  • Fixed problem with page sequences when “psequp” directly follows a “pseqdown”. (SPR 11173967)
  • Ensure namespaces can be expanded in the By Type tab of the JS Debugger (SPR 12254046)
  • Fixed order of tags in a tagged pdf when a footnote breaks to next page (SPR 13051376)
  • Fixes for the fPSPrinter fom object (SPR 12425558)
  • Fixed crash when text rules are applied and a publish is done using javascript (SPR 12652640)
  • Fixed issue with bookmark links next to PIs taking up the whole line when printing (SPR 13235182)
  • Fixed vertical position of combining accent characters with OT shaping (SPR 13219834)
  • Fixing footnotes so the surround frame can have an object graphic but still be considered empty (SPR 12707125)
  • Fixed deleting frame tags and namespaces containing frame tags (SPR 13125420)
  • Added support for tkl and tks in ALE (SPR 12784514)
  • Added stoolusr.3le startup file for ALE toolbars and icons, and new toolbarsavele macro to generate one (SPR 12784519)

The FOM release notes :

  • Renamed fTableRow.verticalAlignInherit and verticalAlignInheritBottom to fTableRow.vjInherit and vjInheritBottom. The properties are still available under the previous name which is now deprecated
  • Renamed fTableResolvedRow.verticalAlignInherit and verticalAlignInheritBottom to fTableResolvedRow.vjInherit and vjInheritBottom. The properties are still available under the previous name which is now deprecated
  • Renamed fBlockRow.verticalAlignInherit and verticalAlignInheritBottom to fBlockRow.vjInherit and vjInheritBottom. The properties are still available under the previous name which is now deprecated
  • Renamed fBlockResolvedRow.verticalAlignInherit and verticalAlignInheritBottom to fBlockResolvedRow.vjInherit and vjInheritBottom. The properties are still available under the previous name which is now deprecated
  • Added fTemplatePreferencesFormatting.pageEventRetryLimit property.
  • Updated documentation for fPublishEvents.formatPageEnd to refer to fTemplatePreferencesFormatting.pageEventRetryLimit property.
  • Deprecated fPSPrinter.includeTIFFComments and added fPSrinter.includeTIFFImages to be used instead.
  • Added fContent.createGraphicFromSVG method.
  • Added fFormatting.applyCSS method.
  • Added fStream.cssStylesheet and cssStart properties.
  • Added fStream.DISABLE_CSS3 constant.
  • Added fTemplatePreferencesXML.processXMLStylesheetPI property.
  • Added keepFrame parameter to fContent.deleteTag() and fTag.deleteTag() methods.
  • Added fToolbarGroupStart and fToolbarGroupEnd objects.
  • Added fRaster.saveRasterToDirectory mothod.
  • Added fPage.isRightPage and fdPage.isRightPage properties.
  • Added fStyle.rules and rulesUnderprint properties.
  • Added fdEditStream.textProperties property.
  • Added fdTextProperties.inlineRules and inlineRulesUnderprint properties.

Note: This is a 64-bit only release.