Knowledge Transfer

tformat and our partners offer a range of standard training courses or tailor made custom courses based on topics and /or duration to fit with your requirements on Arbortext or Antenna-House products.

I am sure your [Arbortext APP] training is one of the great training I have ever had. And it really helped us a lot on our APP development project, being able to develop our fully automated concept workflow ourselves.

Raymond Fung 冯志文
Head of DTP and IT Development
HeterMedia Group

Arbortext ALD v12 & Arbortext Integration
Since the release of ALD (3B2/APP) version 10 there are a number of new technologies and development approaches available to ALD template developers. Whether you are upgrading from Arbortext classic user, interested to explore the new composition engine and its capabilities within and outside the Styler interface, tformat can provide flexible training and development mentoring options.

Arbortext JavaScript FOM API
This new course introduces APP users’ and developers to the JavaScript and Formatting Object Model Application Programming Interface, first introduced in APP (3B2) version 10. This same technology is also used within Arbortext Styler 6.0+ PDF/Print stylesheet source code edits, as APP is the embedded formatting Print/PDF engine.

Arbortext Layout Editor (ALE)
In Q1 2023 we launched our new ALE developer and migration training course which will available for on-site or online delivery. This course will cover all the core requirements of creating ALE compatible templates, features and best practices. It will also include an optional module for ALD customers wishing to migrate existing templates from older versions of ALD into ALE.

Arbortext Courses

Our other Arbortext courses can be delivered as scripted classroom courses or customised dynamic course both online and on-site.

  • Editor for Authors
  • Editor for Developers/SMEs
  • Styler for Stylesheet developers
  • Publishing Engine Implementation and configuration

Tailored Courses and remote Mentoring

  • Existing user with some experience?
  • Learnt the product in production, never had formal training, have knowledge gaps?
  • Need tailored training on specific subjects?
  • Need to implement new features or workflow components to meet new requirements?

These are just some of the reasons why tailored training format might suit your requirements. Working with you we can put together flexible engagements to directly target what you need to know and look at how this may be achieved through a mix of training, hands-on mentoring and optional follow up support.

Arbortext ALD Scripted Courses
With our ALD training experience dating back to 1998, we understand the different learning approaches to the product and ensure our courses are flexible allowing our trainers to adapt to the audience and learning objectives.

Our training materials have been independently developed and maintained since their initial re-write for 3B2 Version 9 and subsequently expanded to encompass the new technologies and methods introduced in Version 10-12.