(Build 6202)
o Fixed problem with multiple end PIs when using the inline style property dialogs (SPR 13526155)
o Fixed crash selecting text in ttagedit (SPR 13606062)
o Fixed missing icon checkboxes with no buttons specified (SPR 13381659)
o Fixed issue with FOM display fdLine arrays showing lines that were stripped from the page (SPR 13475776)
o Fixed JS File object to default to UTF-8 and to obey the type parameter (SPR 13514454)
o Fixed missing characters with OpenType shaping when using both pseudo fonts and kerning tables (SPR 13620606)
o Fixed incorrect glyph being output in the PDF when using a font containing ambiguous glyph mappings (SPR 13624771)
o Added missing pseqend sequence parameter to FOM fFormatting-pageSequenceEnd (SPR 13375220)
o Fixed JSON error when importing a raster with the JS Debugger open (SPR 13385697)
o Improved speed of writing ALE files over a network share (SPR 13706361)
o Fixed page sequence commands stopping formatting with no valid page sequence queue (SPR 13597217)
o Fixed errors with CSS shorthands when using translated strings files
o Fixed xml-stylesheet CSS PI to work without needing an extra format (SPR 13202169) (Build 6204)
o Fixed issue with missing text after an embedded PDF when printing PDF/UA (SPR 13794133)