Arbortext Layout Developer & Arbortext Layout Editor

The major improvements since the last major release version (12.0) are:-

Layout Editor Support
o Create ALE documents, templates, and namespaces (.3ld, .3lf, .3ln)
o Command line argument (-alewarning) to generate warnings in the error log when using protected features
o Save add-on libraries for ALE

Debugger Improvements
o Debugger resources panel updated to support drag and drop, context menus, and sort ordering
o Debugger security configuration including unique URIs, remote connections, and certificate support, in security.3ad

UI Improvements
o Toolbars support added to FOM
o Insert Markup feature to define simple user actions for inserting custom strings
o Yellow bar edit tools and text properties

Other Enhancements
o Updated core libraries to include security fixes
o MathJax library updates
o Added scaling options to pseudofont “map” commands, and new “mapglyph” command, and change pseudo-bold and italic properties
o Added support for cutting guides and bleed strings to sprint control streams and print dialog
o Perl is no longer installed, but can still be used with the -R command line argument

Fixes in
o Fix issue where items don’t appear in PDF bookmarks if the context contains predicates (SPR 9528308)
o Fix issue where SVGs are skewed in PDF output if they contain a viewbox but the svg height/width is set to a percentage (SPR 10187322).
o Imported SVGs are sized correctly according to the viewbox and clipping path (SPR 10281740)
o Fixed scaling on stroke widths with the SVG importer (SPR 8749325)
o Fixed issue with Japanese Hiragana index grouping (SPR 10083878)
o Fixed spacing of monospaced characters in the yellow bar (SPR 10163820)
o Fixes for MathJax support regarding attribute + namespace handling, TeX inline mode, and size of accented characters (SPR 9520158)
o Added new options to MathJax library for changing font, stroke width, and scaling (SPR 10214935)
o Fixed issue where a corrupt Windows printer driver can trigger a crash when printing (SPR 10446042)
o Fixed issue where Thai word breaking and OpenType shaping caused corrupted characters to be output (SPR 10182772)
o Fixed error printing to PDF when using CMYK colours and PDF Form items (SPR 10368991)
o Fixed sprint control streams to ensure variables get reevaluated correctly (SPR 10258697)
o Fixed FOM fPath object to understand {#} correctly
o Added options to tfstart and tfend to allow a frame to be moved to an earlier or later position in the format order
o Added SVG Passthrough to the object graphic importer dropdown
o Fixed FOM fdLine object to work correctly with frame shifts and conditions (SPR 10062995)
o Added PDF document property to support RtL binding (SPR 10107490)