APP/3B2 Release Notes

3rd Sep 10

APP/3B2 V10 M070 Release Notes

The release notes have this to say: o Added <?tbspanframe> and <?blockspanframe> PIs.  Allows spanning to the frame, skipping ancestor blocks and overflow mode 3 tables. o Fixed fParagraph.decimalChars getter and removed extra double quotes from _app:Tables:entry_alignchar. (SPR 2001285) o Fixed problems accessing child layers on named layergroups in FOM (SPR 2003566) o Fixed issue […]

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4th Aug 10

APP/3B2 V10 M060 Release Notes

The release notes say this: o Fixed application.variables[] iteration using JavaScript loops which wasn’t working. (SPR 1995217) o Fixed global variables initialisation with relation to multiple content streams. (SPR 1995220) o Fixed FOM object iteration using JavaScript loops which wasn’t working. (SPR 1995178) o Fixed issue with sprint where combined footnotes did not […]

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13th Jul 10

APP/3B2 V9.1 M170 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M170 (Build 571) Fixed issue with keep-with-previous where it wouldn’t work within a section itself was being balanced (SPR 1971370) Fixed rotated footnotes surround frame size issue. (SPR 1919326) Fixed issue that prevented frame shift (tfshift) from working when using copyfit with ‘update real values’ enabled. (SPR 1936426) Fixed problem with space […]

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28th May 10

APP/3B2 V10 M050 Release Notes

The release notes say this:   o Implemented support for wordsonly on tunderline, tstrikethrough and toverbar. (SPR 1664816) o Added a secondary row number counter for use with cell rules and backgrounds using ‘Y’. Use <?lineno ‘Y’,x> modify and <?tbovrowz 2> to reset. o Fixed an issue when a cell spans multiple rows and breaks […]

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31st Mar 10

APP/3B2 V10 M040 Release Notes

10.0 M040 (Build 1189) o Fixed issue where either <?tpfitbr> or autoleading caused the last line of a para to overflow and then widows and orphans were being ignored. (SPR 1865826) o Fixed column headers for multiple levels of nesting (SPR 1664778) o Add support to allow blocks indents to be absolute (relative to margin) […]

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