Directory Composition Solutions

Based on PTC® Arbortext ALD (formerly APP or 3B2) Directory Composer (DC) created by DATACOPY Publishing Systems gmbh. enables publishers to design and produce address books, telephone books, yellow pages and other directories highly automated and with good typographical quality.

DC imports the information from any kind of editorial or content management systems like SAP/R3, RESUS II or TelePhone. The only requirement is that the information is structured according to the DTD of the DC XML. The formatting process is automated based on a specification individually created by the producer. All known types of advertisements will be placed automatically according to rules including conflict solutions.

When the automated formatting process is finished the producer is able to manipulate any page in WYSIWYG as he wants. During this interactive process all links, headers, cross references and other references are updated automatically every time.

The layout can be defined by an easy to understand and to access graphical user interface. An extensive knowledge of the software APP is not necessary. The standard scope of software delivery includes sample layouts of telephone books and yellow pages.

The flexible license models beginning with a single user version (optional: as renting model) and ending up with an unlimited site license enable all publishers to use DC independent of the volumes of books publishes.