APP/3B2 Release Notes

24th Jul 15

Arbortext APP V11.1 F000 Release notes

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 11.1 F000 (Build 3936) The major improvements since the last major release version (11.0) are:- Platform Support Added support for Windows 8 / Server 2012 Added support for Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 Direct PDF Output Added option to downsample images. Template Debugging Added JavaScript debugger. Added field tree debug. […]

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8th Mar 15

Arbortext APP V11 M080 Release notes

11.0 M080 (Build 3352) Fixed scaling problems when importing rotated PDF pages. (SPR 2247985) Fixed problems in PDF output when rotated text contains a minus character from the TeX fonts. (SPR 2252577) Added option to output space characters in PDF file to improve cut \& paste operations in Acrobat. (SPR 2119548) Fixed problem with PDF […]

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24th Sep 14

Arbortext APP V11 M070 Release notes

11.0 M070 (Build 3272) Main release notes:  Fixed crash when shutting down OCX module. (SPR 2214832)  Added preview to imported PDF pages.  Added support for imported PDF pages in PScript driver.  Added option to select which PDF box to use when importing PDF pages.  Fixed some screen redraw issues. (SPR 2213442)  Fixed problem when hyphenating […]

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1st May 14

Arbortext APP V11 M060 Release Notes

The M060 release of APP Version 11 is now available. Fixed memory leaks that could cause a crash when restarting ActiveX control. (SPR 2209769) Added support for nested tables or blocks when using colsets. (SPR 2151726) Fixed problem with ligatures when hyphenating a word using a PseudoFont. (SPR 2058520) Fixed problem with hyphenation after restarting […]

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20th Dec 13

Arbortext APP V11 M050 release notes

The release notes say this: Updated PNG importer to use resolution if specified in file. (SPR 2159593) Fixed possible missing paragraph end when hyphenator fits final word onto the line. (SPR 2164595) Fixed problem where footnotes were not always correctly placed when ‘Reduce space’ option applied. (SPR 2114967) Updated PDFlib to version 8.0.5p2 (SPR 2183149) […]

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