Arbortext Layout Developer (Build 6182)

The major improvements since the last major release version ( are:-

New Features
o CSS3 Stylesheets
o Debugger Page View panel

Other Enhancements
o Added support for toolbar preferences in ALE with the “toolbarsavele” macro
o Dialog box preferences to change font size, and to use icons for checkboxes
o FOM support for toolbar groups
o Added ability to “nudge” frames, with new keyboard shortcuts
o Updated core libraries to include security fixes
o Multiple ALE file corruption issues have been fixed, any ALE files should be resaved from ALD before using. (Build 6180)
o Multiple fixes to improve stability of XML DOM handling
o Improve performance of opentype fonts, delaying glyph loading until required (SPR 12714234)
o Fixed corruption when saving content into ALE documents (SPR 12777852, 12932852, 13262056)
o Ensure nested namespaces are written out when saving as an ALE document (SPR 12768751)
o Widen Zoom field on status toolbar to fit the German translation (SPR 10800462)
o Fixed problem with page sequences when “psequp” directly follows a “pseqdown”. (SPR 11173967)
o Ensure namespaces can be expanded in the By Type tab of the JS Debugger (SPR 12254046)
o Fixed order of tags in a tagged pdf when a footnote breaks to next page (SPR 13051376)
o Fixes for the fPSPrinter fom object (SPR 12425558)
o Fixed crash when text rules are applied and a publish is done using javascript (SPR 12652640)
o Fixed issue with bookmark links next to PIs taking up the whole line when printing (SPR 13235182)
o Fixed vertical position of combining accent characters with OT shaping (SPR 13219834)
o Fixing footnotes so the surround frame can have an object graphic but still be considered empty (SPR 12707125)
o Fixed deleting frame tags and namespaces containing frame tags (SPR 13125420)
o Added support for tkl and tks in ALE (SPR 12784514)
o Added stoolusr.3le startup file for ALE toolbars and icons, and new toolbarsavele macro to generate one (SPR 12784519) (Build 6182)
o Fixed issue with TeX fonts using character 0 with PDF/A Standards (SPR 11160660)
o Improved warnings when printing to PDF when the standards don’t match with imported PDFs (SPR 13529363)
o Fixed issue with spaces printing the wrong size with PDF Tagging enabled (SPR 13503017)