Arbortext Custom Extensions

The Arbortext environment is highly customisable and many customers will tailor aspects of the products such as the user interface and background processes to optimise productivity and fit their workflow. Often these extensions will include extensions to the out of the box functionality and in some cases be completely customised plug-ins for specialist requirements.

tformat and our partners have many years’ experience in customising Arbortext products and exploring the potential that can be provided through these products. Some example plug-ins we have developed include:

Dual view synchronised Editor and APP
A custom plug-in that was developed for a customer who wanted to use their APP (Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher aka 3B2) desktop template as a live interactive dual synchronised preview of the printed page with Arbortext XML Editor of the content source in 2 windows side by side.  See the demonstration video.

Adding APP Anchored Float functionality to a Styler/PE stylesheet
A custom plug-in that was developed for a customer who had already developed their stylesheet using Arbortext Styler to run with Publishing Engine, but wanted to add the multi column anchored float capabilities of native APP for figures and tables to their documents.

The nature and potential of custom plug-ins and configurations for Arbortext is wide and varied, if you have a requirement and would like to talk to us about development of your requirements please get in touch.