APP/3B2 Release Notes

13th Jun 08

APP/3B2 V9.1 M070 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M070 (Build 470) Fixed regression from build 460 so that the <?align> feature still uses the correct VJ margin at the top of a column, when there is text in other columns from earlier alignment groups. Fixed handling of negative tabs in conjunction with negative indents so that tab-right and tab-centre now […]

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13th Mar 08

APP/3B2 V9.1 M050 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M050 (Build 450) Fixed the cutting of text to create a running header. (SPR 1449810) Fixed handing of pattern names in Line Pattern Control dialog. (SPR 1452982) Tuned memory management system to prevent excessive virtual memory usage. (SPR 1455848) Fixed problem with SVG Importer ignoring text-anchor on tspan elements (SPR 1450229) Fixed […]

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13th Feb 08

APP/3B2 V9.1 M040 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M040 (Build 440) Fixed problem with repeated text when hyphenating a complex word containing too many characters and PI’s. Added format log message. (SPR 1435011) Fixed problem with PDF driver when printing a TIFF or EPS files containing a clipping path. (SPR 1430266) Fixed problem with rule drawing when using varying line […]

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13th Feb 08

APP/3B2 V9.1 M030 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M030 (Build 431) Fixed problem with Unicode space characters when reading a TrueType font file directly. (SPR 1426174) Modified the accolade feature for drawing whole lines only, to include accolades that are specified within blacklining markers triggered at the start of paragraph. (SPR 1355587) Improved support for rotating nested tables and prevented […]

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13th Jan 08

APP/3B2 V9.1 M020 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M020 (Build 420) Modified maths characters to work with PseudoFonts (SPR 1365389 and 1372947). Fixed problem with default character in PseudoFonts (SPR 1378326). Fixed Yakumono to work with PseudoFonts (SPR 1374248) Fixed tfnl macro to switch back correctly following word boundary (SPR 1372829) Fixed problem where a revision marker at the beginning […]

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