APP/3B2 Release Notes

13th Jan 08

APP/3B2 V9.1 M020 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M020 (Build 420) Modified maths characters to work with PseudoFonts (SPR 1365389 and 1372947). Fixed problem with default character in PseudoFonts (SPR 1378326). Fixed Yakumono to work with PseudoFonts (SPR 1374248) Fixed tfnl macro to switch back correctly following word boundary (SPR 1372829) Fixed problem where a revision marker at the beginning […]

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13th Nov 07

APP/3B2 V9.1 M010 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M010 (Build 406) Fixed revision marker problem when using using “Ignore Styles” and “Mark Whole Styles” modes together. (SPR 1355108) Fixed problem that rotated nested tables filled out to the width of the parent cell, instead of it’s height and applied both their left and top margins on the left. (SPR 1363284) […]

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13th Oct 07

APP V9.1 A001-F000-M180 Release Notes

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 9.1 APP Version 9.1 A001 (Build 400) Fixed problem with incorrect revision level being reported when a line breaks at a position where multiple revision markers exist. Fixed problem with <?bk>…<?ek> potentially locking up during a table prescan when they occur immediately after a hyphenated word. Preventing predefined XML entities from […]

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13th Oct 07

APP/3B2 V9.1 A003/Build402 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 A003 (Build 402) Fixed problem with showstring counters when a table header is redefined at the top of a column and when passing the counters from the main table to the header using slots. (C5569852) Modified inline rule control streams so they ignore vertical shifts and work better with superscripts and footnote […]

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13th Sep 07

APP/3B2 V9.1 A002/Build401 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 A002 (Build 401) Fixed some more footnote formatting problems when alternate views are displayed. (C5482031) Removed incorrect 1029 errors when formatting a frozen job. (C5480361, SPR1327364) Fixed loading of x counters from page format information. (SPR 1327359) Fixed the menus for colset getvars. Fixed possible stream corruption when range freezing a table […]

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