APP/3B2 Release Notes

13th Feb 09

APP/3B2 V9.1 M120 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M120 (Build 520) Fixed problem show strings that may indirecty invoke nested show strings. (SPR 1695698) Fixed formatting problem where deleting all pages before tformat would not restart streams from the beginning. (SPR 1743874) Fixed a problem with Hungarian hyphenation using the Dieckmann hyphenator (C6985503). Also enabled Estonian, Latvian and Maltese languages […]

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13th Jan 09

APP/3B2 V9.1 M110 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M110 (Build 510) Fixed the frame inter-column gutter rule when it is tracking the text, so that it works properly with tables, break backs, empty columns and when text in the right hand column starts higher than the left. (SPR 1604422 for the tables) Fixed a problem with unsorted indexes where levels […]

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13th Oct 08

APP/3B2 V9.1 M100 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M100 (Build 500) Fixed issues with page numbering when a table of overflow mode 2 has a single row that spans over an entire page (SPR 1569380) Fixed bookmarks so that they are compatible with the <?align> feature (SPR 1601854) Fixed duplicate stream close error when linking to files through libxml (SPR […]

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13th Aug 08

APP/3B2 V9.1 M090 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M090 (Build 490) Enhanced stopref fallback to allow them to be triggered deeper in the nesting heirarchy when the exact stopref position is missed. (SPR 1531137) Fixed problem with incorrect revision markers being applied to footnote streams when opening a document and the option to show revision markers in footnotes is disabled. […]

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13th Jul 08

APP/3B2 V9.1 M080 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 M080 (Build 480) Fixed problem with <?tbrkeept> not working when a nested table triggers the overflow (SPR 1498143) Fixed possible pointer error when loading a file using cell backgrounds without any conditions (SPR 1501931) Fixed compiled styles issue that processed <^tagname> incorrectly if the tagname started with a valid keyword. (SPR 1502623) […]

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