APP/3B2 Release Notes

21st Feb 23

Arbortext Layout Developer Release Notes

Arbortext Layout Developer The major improvements since the last major release version ( are: New Features Interactive page representation in the JS debugger New Workspaces feature to allow easier switching of system files New properties dialogs for inline styles (tstyleprops), paragraphs (tparaprops), and frames (tframeprops) Disabled multimedia output until issues with Adobe Acrobat are […]

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14th Jun 22

Arbortext Layout Developer V12.1.3.0-1 Release Notes (Build 6202)o Fixed problem with multiple end PIs when using the inline style property dialogs (SPR 13526155)o Fixed crash selecting text in ttagedit (SPR 13606062)o Fixed missing icon checkboxes with no buttons specified (SPR 13381659)o Fixed issue with FOM display fdLine arrays showing lines that were stripped from the page (SPR 13475776)o Fixed JS […]

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1st Apr 22

Arbortext Layout Developer V12.1.2.1 Release Notes

Arbortext Layout Developer (Build 6182) The major improvements since the last major release version ( are:- New Featureso CSS3 Stylesheetso Debugger Page View panel Other Enhancementso Added support for toolbar preferences in ALE with the “toolbarsavele” macroo Dialog box preferences to change font size, and to use icons for checkboxeso FOM support for toolbar […]

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8th Dec 21

Arbortext Layout Developer V12.1.2.0 Release Notes

Feature highlights of this release are: Support for CSS Although we had some old CSS support, we have released a new and updated version of CSS support in ALD Use CSS alongside context and tag matching to format your XML Style both text properties and page layouts (using the @page selectors) Associate CSs stylesheets with […]

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29th Apr 21

Arbortext Layout Developer V12.1.1.0 Release Notes

Main Release notes: Fixed OpenType kerning and RTL formatting issues Added OpenType shape shifting control stream to allow fine-grained control over glyph placement Fixed issue when a page sequences stop when a psequp immediately follows a pseqdown with no parent page sequence (SPR 9521679) Added mode to extend underline rules when characters are kerned outside […]

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