Technologies toolbox

The products, technologies, standards and skillset’s we can offer present a large and powerful publishing toolbox, which help to tailor product choices, configurations and entire solutions, to best fit the requirements.

For example, do you need to …

  • Implement an end-to-end Workflow
  • Author and Edit XML
  • Convert to/from Word/XML/XHTML/Bespoke markups
  • Author and Publish with DITA
  • Create custom authoring environments
  • Develop XML Schemas, XSL-FO or XSLT
  • Create TeX/MathML equations
  • Create 2d technical Images
  • Manage data & content

  • Automate complex layout composition
  • Publish single source to multiple channels
  • Native XML/XHTML/SGML/yourML! composition
  • Want the ability to manually edit page content/layout after automated composition
  • Automate multiple Index, ToC generation
  • Inline testing and complex decision making during formatting
  • Specialist vertical features like financial tables, float placements, custom page sequencing
  • Standard compliant PDF/Print, taggedPDF output
  • Produce Digital Media Outputs
  • Something else? get in touch.