Arbortext Layout Editor is a new edition of the Arbortext Layout Developer product (aka APP/3B2) designed for content editors and typesetters/pagination operators to utilise the functionality developed in ALD templates for desktop pagination & layout/content editing purposes within an editing orientated and cost effective environment.

ALE can utilise all of the features configured in the template created with ALD and saved for ALE, including running automation scripts, using custom UI/toolbars, custom template libraries and more. ALE’s functionality is restricted to the use of existing ALD templates with template components, scripts and code editing being locked in ALE.

Solutions where ALD (including Styler/Publishing Engine) is used for automated, semi-automated and part manual typesetting/pagination either on the desktop or within a black box solution, often have a requirement to manually review & edit the layout and/or content from the automated output. This has traditionally been done with the standard, full toolbox desktop version of ALD. Now ALE offers a lower priced and editing centric option to enable simpler and wider deployment within an organisation.

tformat presented the business case idea for this new edition of the product to the Arbortext Business Unit at PTC in 2018 and we have been working closely with product management to help bring to fruition this valuable option for our customers.

ALE is due for first release in Q4 of 2020, if you would like more information about this product or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us.