APP/3B2 Release Notes

23rd Jan 12

Arbortext APP V10 M110 Release notes

Here are the release notes: 10.0 M110 (Build 1465) o Fixed crash when loading some TIFF images. (SPR 2066784) o Fixed issue with nested tables or blocks that span and then break to a new frame or page (SPR 2075732) o Fixed occasional crashes when using defaultRow.fTableCell and defaultRow.fTableStyle. (SPR 2081988) o Updated Unicode support […]

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12th Jan 12

Arbortext APP V11 M010 Release notes

The release notes show these fixes Prevented ‘column too narrow’ error messages when ‘overlap’ option is enabled and they have no content (SPR 2066886) Modified ‘column too narrow’ error messages to reflect behaviour when ‘overlap’ option is enabled (SPR 2066886) PDF driver now passes JPEG image compression option to EPS processor, when selected. (SPR 2069166) […]

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7th Jul 11

APP/3B2 V10 M100 Release Notes

The Release Notes say this:   o Fixed potential crash when using SGML Parser in APP Unicode. (SPR 2057979) o Fixed crash with fApplication.runMacro() when used with no document open (SPR 2062997) o Fixed xml printer driver to map illegal characters to the first character found in ^_p1468_illegal_char, or ignored if not set (SPR 2070800) […]

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30th Jun 11

Arbortext APP V11 F000 Release notes

The major improvements of this version since the last major release version (10.0) are: Platform Support Added support for Windows Vista. Added support for Windows 7. Added 64 bit versions. Product Licensing Replaced licensing system with PTC FlexLM. Direct PDF Output Replaced APP PDF driver with PDFlib 8 based driver. New option to select Acrobat […]

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30th Mar 11

APP/3B2 V10 M090 Release Notes

The release notes say this: o Fixed inclusion of existing index files and allow for the groups keyword to be missing. (SPR 2039312) o Fixed problem loading object graphic rasters when the object graphic is in a namespace. (SPR 2039806) o Implemented support for keeping the top of a partial table row together, when cells […]

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