APP/3B2 Release Notes

6th Sep 13

Arbortext APP V11 M040 Release notes

This release notes say this: Updated PNG importer to use resolution if specified in file. (SPR 2159593) Fixed possible missing paragraph end when hyphenator fits final word onto the line. (SPR 2164595) Fixed problem where footnotes were not always correctly placed when ‘Reduce space’ option applied. (SPR 2114967) Updated PDFlib to version 8.0.5p2 (SPR 2183149) […]

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22nd Jan 13

Arbortext APP V11 M030 Release notes

The release notes say this: Fixed <?bkw> so it correctly adjusts the line width when stripping off a preceeding word and then works with <?tjl>. (SPR 2121163) Fixed row start command from being ignored following an empty block at the top of a row that has just overflowed to a new page. (SPR 2133003) Fixed […]

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17th Aug 12

Arbortext APP V11 M020 Release notes

There has been a huge amount of work gone into this release despite the number of SPRs listed below. The team has worked through a very long list SPR fixes for the embedded version of APP which are not reflected in these release notes but nevertheless go to improving the stability and functionality of the […]

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23rd Jan 12

Arbortext APP V10 M110 Release notes

Here are the release notes: 10.0 M110 (Build 1465) o Fixed crash when loading some TIFF images. (SPR 2066784) o Fixed issue with nested tables or blocks that span and then break to a new frame or page (SPR 2075732) o Fixed occasional crashes when using defaultRow.fTableCell and defaultRow.fTableStyle. (SPR 2081988) o Updated Unicode support […]

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12th Jan 12

Arbortext APP V11 M010 Release notes

The release notes show these fixes Prevented ‘column too narrow’ error messages when ‘overlap’ option is enabled and they have no content (SPR 2066886) Modified ‘column too narrow’ error messages to reflect behaviour when ‘overlap’ option is enabled (SPR 2066886) PDF driver now passes JPEG image compression option to EPS processor, when selected. (SPR 2069166) […]

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