Main Release notes:

  • Fixed OpenType kerning and RTL formatting issues
  • Added OpenType shape shifting control stream to allow fine-grained control over glyph placement
  • Fixed issue when a page sequences stop when a psequp immediately follows a pseqdown with no parent page sequence (SPR 9521679)
  • Added mode to extend underline rules when characters are kerned outside the rule (SPR 10776261)
  • Fixed x3b2:layout PI when the properties require quotes (SPR 12647162)
  • Fixed -alewarning command line parameter to work from the command line and not just sargsw.3ad
  • Fixed issue with accolades are ended in a table cell that overflowed (SPR 6370282)
  • Allowed PDF Form, Media, Action, and U3D tags to be created from a script in ALE (SPR 12570144)
  • Fixed crash with tcutx when using PE to publish through ALD (SPR 12570631)
  • Fixed issue with underline ignoredir flag in RTL text (SPR 6659287)

FOM API release notes:

  • Added fStyle.openTypeShapeShiftTable, openTypeUseCustomKerning, kerningDisable, kerningBeforeLigature, ligatureTable properties.
  • Added fdTextProperties.openTypeShapeShiftTable, openTypeUseCustomKerning, kerningDisable, kerningBeforeLigature, ligatureTable properties.
  • Added fTypeface.shapedGlyphs() method.
  • Added fApplication.getStringItem() method.
  • Added fTextRule.kernMode property.
  • Added fStyle.underlineKernMode property.
  • Added fdTextProperties.underlineKernMode property.

A new feature of ‘OpenType Shape Shifting Tables’ has been added. ALD’s kerning tables work on CHARACTERS, but when using OpenType the resultant output from the word shaping engine is GLYPHS; these new tables allow users to fine-tune the position of the glyphs, particularly for accents/diacritics, but it can also be used as an additional kerning step if necessary.

Also now added is normal kerning tables to work with OpenType, however if kerning is applied mid-word, that word will be broken up into chunks for the word shaping engine to use (the same approach used for other style properties). Please be aware of this as output may be different as a result.