APP/3B2 Release Notes

13th Apr 07

APP/3B2 V9.1 F000/Build403-5 Release Notes

APP Version 9.1 F000 (Build 403) Fixed problem with Finnish hyphenation. (SPR 1287955) Fixed copyfit when a table is the first thing in a frame.  (C5590723, SPR 1340331) Fixed balancing of a slim table when it starts with a nested table which isn’t of overflow type 1.  (C5522299, SPR 1323685) Modified XInclude to obey XML […]

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8th Aug 05

3B2 V8 to V8.13s Release Notes

Version 8.00 to 8.13s 3B2 version 8.00b Fixed selection of Release Notes or Credits where Keyboard warning dialogue intervened too early. Error reporting: now reports when a table is too wide for the measure. Fixed use of tpdt within slim tables. Fixed preservation of page numbers in nested tables when they overflow. Implemented stoprefs. 3B2 […]

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18th Jul 02

3B2 V7.00 to V7.99 Release Notes

Technical release notes for 3B2 V7.00 to V7.99 Version V7.00 summary XML awareness (supported syntax, node tree information, concept of objects, etc.). Unicode support. Support for CJK languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean). Perl scripting. Multiple views. Checksum change validation. New XML/SGML parser. Namespaces. New formatting/layout features Comprehensive Ruby support (Ruby are small characters used for annotating text to indicate the pronunciation of CJK ideographic characters). Rotated character formatting. Enhanced […]

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31st Aug 00

3B2 V6.01 to V6.81a Release Notes

PRE-BETA 5.91a Pre-Beta version released to check new features and existing documents. Development 5.92a .Added new tab types for overhang right, left and centre. .Added <?overhang> command. .Added <?tespace> attribute to make spaces on the end of a line significant to the formatting. .Added <?tbrdefx> attribute as an eXtended row default in tables, that overrides […]

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