Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 11.1 F000 (Build 3936)

The major improvements since the last major release version (11.0) are:-

Platform Support

  • Added support for Windows 8 / Server 2012
  • Added support for Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2

Direct PDF Output

  • Added option to downsample images.

Template Debugging

  • Added JavaScript debugger.
  • Added field tree debug.

11.1 F000 (Build 3936)

  • Fixed potential corruption and duplication of text when balancing columns that are restarting at the top of the current frame/page (SPR 2137977)
  • Added options to downsample images in PDF driver.
  • Added support for transparency in TIFF, GIF and PNG files.
  • Added support for ICC colour profiles in TIFF, JPEG and PNG files.
  • Fixed tcaps case mapping when language is Turkish. (SPR 2258202)
  • Fixed use of overprint in PDF output. (SPR 2812766)
  • Fixed hyphenation of words containing a discretionary hyphen and only private use characters. (SPR 2813479)
  • Fixed problems when closing the APP OCX control with open documents. (SPR 2214832)
  • Fixed error message when printing to PDF/A-2a with text accolades. (SPR 2812605)

JavaScript FOM API release notes:

  • Added “content” global variable, set to fTemplate.content.
  • Added fStyle.spaceFlags property.
  • Added fStyle.StyleSpaceFlags constant group.
  • Added fdArea, fdContentArea, fdLine, fdTable, fdTableCell, fdBlock, fdBlockRegion, fdHidden, fdWrapper objects.
  • Added fdFrame.areas, fdFrame.lines, fdFrame.content properties.
  • Added fdFrameColumn.areas, fdFrameColumn.lines properties.
  • Added fDisplay.screenDrawLevel, fDisplay.printerDrawLevel properties.
  • Added fDisplay.generateFormatTree() method.
  • Added fDrawLevel.contentAreaHighlight property.
  • Added fStream.delete() method.
  • Changed type of fIndexItem.ignorePunctuation property from a boolean to an integer.
  • Added fIndexItem.ignoreSymbols, ignoreExceptions properties.
  • Added fIndexItem.IgnoreCharacterModes constant group.