11.0 M070 (Build 3272)

Main release notes:

  •  Fixed crash when shutting down OCX module. (SPR 2214832)
  •  Added preview to imported PDF pages.
  •  Added support for imported PDF pages in PScript driver.
  •  Added option to select which PDF box to use when importing PDF pages.
  •  Fixed some screen redraw issues. (SPR 2213442)
  •  Fixed problem when hyphenating the last word generated by a JavaScript function. (SPR 2163688)
  •  Fixed problem when drawing missing characters in a Windows symbol font. (SPR 2222430)
  •  Fixed an issue with balance when it starts midway through a table or block and when a 2nd table or block then starts the 2nd column and was erroneously started twice (SPR 2155805)
  •  Fixed crash when using SVG passthrough printing to PDF. (SPR 2239014)
  •  Fixed tag clash error with tsavel macro.
  •  Fixed issue with completely empty index references appearing in the index when using FOM. (SPR 2226420)
  •  Added current formatting position to pdf tag error messages, when available. (SPR 2201344)
  •  Modified saving 3d files to try and prevent .xd streams from breaking in the middle of an xml tag.
  •  Fixed issue with serializing entities in xml streams. (SPR 2211569, 2225204)
  •  Fixed possible crashes in xslt transforms. (SPR 2238777, 2239359)
  •  Improved PDF tagging support.

FOM API release notes:

  • Added name parameter to fFormatting.pdfTagEnd() method.
  • Added fGraphic.FT_SVGPASSTHRU constant.
  • Added fPDFTagElement.label property.
  • Added fPDFTagItem.required property.
  • Added fFormatting.pdfTagActivate() method.
  • Added fApplication.status() method.
  • Added fParagraph.balanceBaselines property.
  • Added fContent.importRaster lowres, lowresMaxX, lowresMaxY parameters.
  • Added fRaster.LowresModes constant group.
  • Added fDisplay object.
  • Added fdPage, fdFrame, fdStream, fdStreamPos objects.
  • Added fPublishEvents.FormatPageEndReturnTypes constant group.
  • Fixed fPublishEvents.formatPageEnd documentation.
  • Added fRaster.PDFBoxType constant group.
  • Added pdfbox parameter to fContent.importRaster() method.

You’ll notice a collection of new things creeping in there which we should draw your attention to.

  • PDF graphics have been enhanced:

o   You can now preview them in APP’s WYSIWYG window – and can set the resolution of that

o   When you import, you can select the PDF box to specify the area to import as a graphic (trim, media, crop etc)

o   When outputting to PDF, you will now have a graphic inserted for the PDF

  • We have started introducing Display objects in the FOM. These will give information on the formatted page through the JavaScript interface. You’ll eventually be able to interrogate the current page programmatically.
  • We have also extended the formatPageEnd function so that it can tell APP to retry the current page (up to 10 times), abort formatting or move on as normal. If you couple this with the display objects it will give you a powerful set of tools for testing whether you have a ‘good’ page or not and then retrying it with new settings to get a better result.
  • We have spent a lot of time on PDF tagging to make it produce better tag structures and to give template developers tools to improve the output of tagged PDF. The fFormatting.pdfTagActivate() method will make it easier to produce acceptable tagging for things like footnotes where the content is displayed elsewhere on a page but from an assistive technology point of view, you’d want to output the tagging information inline.
  • You can now pass SVG graphics through to our PDF library directly rather than using APP’s SVG support. We’re not taking ours out, but the PDF library support might help when you have some features in your SVG which APP doesn’t yet support. To use it, you must import the SVG for pass-through (hence the fGraphic type).