The Release Notes say this:


o Fixed potential crash when using SGML Parser in APP Unicode. (SPR 2057979)

o Fixed crash with fApplication.runMacro() when used with no document open (SPR 2062997)

o Fixed xml printer driver to map illegal characters to the first character found in ^_p1468_illegal_char, or ignored if not set (SPR 2070800)

o Fixed conditional frame guides when pasteboard is active (SPR 2048615)

o Fixed starting a cell with specified columns following an empty cell (SPR 2066881)

o Fixed issue when restarting a nested table m! id way through a row span and with a header too (SPR 2066886)

o Fixed problem with passthru PI upsetting formatting at the start of the paragraph. (SPR 2072678)

o Fixed handling of table and paragraph elements over page boundaries in the XML printer driver. (SPR 2055484)

o PDF driver now passes JPEG image compression option to EPS processor, when selected. (SPR 2069166)

o Prevented ‘column too narrow’ error messages when ‘overlap’ option is enabled and they have no content(SPR 2066886)

o Avoid JavaScript errors when working with anchored frames. (SPR 2073184)

o Fixed overflow of a table when using <?tbrkeept>, when there are cells spanning from previous rows which aren’t in the first column. (SPR 2074162)

o Fixed JavaScript crash when accessing app! lication.activeTemplate with no document open. (SPR 2075642)

The FOM release notes say this:

o Added TYPE_PASTEBOARD to fLayer.LayerTypes.

o Fixed type for fTemplate.pasteboard.

o Corrected documentation for fTemplate.pasteboardSide.