The release notes say this:

o Fixed inclusion of existing index files and allow for the groups keyword to be missing. (SPR 2039312)

o Fixed problem loading object graphic rasters when the object graphic is in a namespace. (SPR 2039806)

o Implemented support for keeping the top of a partial table row together, when cells have spanned in from previous rows. (SPR 2036310)

o Fixed the overflow of a row that is too big to fit on a single page/frame and that has a prior cell spanning into it. (SPR 2045387)

o Fixed ‘keep together’ from being cleared by an up! -down at the start of a cell/block (SPR 2045974)

o fRules.removeRule() moves the remaining rules after the deleted one up an index. (SPR 2048647)

o Fixed crash when going off the bottom of the edit bar whilst selecting text.

o Fixed error with the xml stream base URI area not resolving correctly when loading linked tags. (SPR 2052286)

o Fixed potential crash when printing to a PDF file when EPS Warnings log stream is password protected. (SPR 2052048)

o Fixed potential crash when pasting text into a stream with blacklining enabled in Unicode version. (SPR 2043038)

o Added support for subsetting fonts in an EPS file printed to PDF. (SPR 2048945)

o Fixed problem when scrolling in edit bar using Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Down keys. (SPR 2046970)

o Reinstate format log messages 1106 and 1107. (SPR 2055117 )

o Fixed problem with fTemplate.print() not setting sprint perl variables (SPR 2027861)

o Added namespace support for ttoupper, ttolower, and tislower maps. (SPR 2046941)

o Modified hyphenator to break at exact position when discretionary hyphen used. (SPR 2056198)

o Fixed problem printing to files with fPSPrinter. (SPR 2041535)

o Removed extra empty line before formatting.texStart(true) blocks. (SPR 2053465)

o Fixed problem with tbcolalignt and blacklining. (SPR 2046951)

o Fixed potential crash calling fApplication.runMacro() during printing or formatting. (SPR 2056600)

o Added option to XML printer driver to disable images when printing to streams. (SPR 2056609)

o Fixed problem where bookm! arks can create a new line when printing to the raw drivers (SPR 2053457)

o Fixed a number of issues with footnotes when using the option to ‘Enable special processing for balanced text’ (SPR 1968855)


The FOM release notes say this:

o Extended fFormatting.getAttribute() inherits parameter to control which tags to search through.

o Added fFrame.copyModePageDown, copyModeInsert, copyModeAutocopy and copyModePageLevel properties.

o Removed fFrame.copyMode property (property was documented but not implemented).

o Added fContent.layergroups, layers, frames, contexts, indexes, footnotes, accolades, and publishes arrays.

o Clarified documentation for fContent array properties.

o Fixed type for fPSPr! inter.outputDevice and clarified documentation for related properties.

o Added fPSPrinter.PSOutputDevices constants.