11.1 M020

  • Fixed problem printing to GIF using a detailed half-tone control stream. (SPR 4989676)
  • Updated PDF driver to output named colours in their defined colourspace. (SPR 4947593)
  • Updated PDFlib library to latest version 9.0.6 (SPR 4989786)
  • Fixed problems with inconsistent rule widths in PostScript output. (SPR 2812700)
  • Fixed problems Thai character placement in some fonts. (SPR 5058411)
  • Fixed problems with saved dialogue positions when using multiple monitors.
  • Fixed display of stream markers when they occur at the end of a line (including footnote markers)
  • Fixed use of footnote and index PI’s when they occur at the start of a word that overflows to the next line or page.
  • Fixed use of FOM index references when they occur at the start of a word that overflows to the next line or page.
  • Fixed autocopy, so even if the main stream has finished it knows to keep creating pages whilst there are footnotes still queued up. (SPR 2045907)
  • Fixed issue with Arabic numbering in showstrings. (SPR 4931218)
  • Fixed issue with overlapping text that could occur when using a table footer and there’s a cell that spans both multiple rows and the entirety of the page. (SPR 2222358)
  • Fixed issue with multi-row headers in a table, where the actual header definition was only ignoring one of the rows when calculating the row orphans (SPR 5067166)
  • Fixed issue with margins in the first column of a block/slim table that failed to obey the option to span into the subsequent columns if the margin was applied early because of table rules and if nothing then actually fitted in the 1st column (SPR 5067166)

The FOM release notes have just two entries:

  • Added fPublishEvents.printSheetStart, printSheetEnd properties.
  • Added fPrint.pageNumberPadding property.