The major improvements of this version since the last major release version (8.07) are:

More Tables Features

  • Slim tables – They have only one break-point which delivers significant performance improvement (30% per column or page break).
  • Nested tables – Completed V8, more than 1 level, works with slim tables, allows mix of slim and standard tables.
  • Row balancing – Simulation of columns on a page, improved speed in average is about 3 times faster.
  • Tables Keeps – Text to table, table to text, table to table, row to row; all include slim tables.
  • Vertical Justification – VJ tables through its content like outside table.
  • Header and footer control – Headers and footers can be modified mid table or even omitted, they now allow control of counters.
  • General improvements – Support for frozen pages, box heads improved and completed, support for multi-views, treat cell top like column top and a lot of general bug fixes.

Improved Speed

  • Optimized existing features, e.g., tables, libXML, undo.
  • Implementing SuperPrint (see below)
  • Improvement up to 80%, depends on application

OpenType Font Support

  • Now supports TrueType and PostScript character shape inside OpenType fonts.
  • Combines the world of PostScript and Unicode!

Output Composed Pages in XML

  • New output driver that saves composed pages (layout, style, content, breaks) into XML.  This allows post-processing for analysis or transformation, i.e., into HTML or Edgar-2.

Debugging for Template Development

  • New interface to easily debug formatting progress of Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher.
  • Set breakpoints, process formatting step-by-step, step in, out and over, etc.
  • Find out what’s going on behind the scenes and improve your efficiency.


  • “Formatting”, “Printing” and “Saving As”.  Do it all at once and reduce consumed time for automated jobs by factors.

3B2 Version 9.00 (build102)

  • Several improvements to loading of the saved page format information so it better initialises data and detects errors when data is missing.
  • Fixed error when using soft or Tex returns after the XML PI.

3B2 Version 9.00 (build 103)

  • Added <?tbrstrt 1> option to restart the current tag when it starts a new row. This helps when freezing as the tag starting the new row will go to the new page.
  • Fixed XML Printer Driver to draw accolades and rules correctly.
  • Fixed saving of page format information when using a slim table with colfeet or colheads
  • Fixed a problem with Copyfit’s quick mode where overlapped frames were not resized correctly.

3B2 Version 9.00 (build 104)

  • Fixed empty cell reference from triggering repeatedly at end of stream.

3B2 Version 9.00 (build 105)

  • Fixed XML Printer Driver to output accolades and sub-columns correctly.
  • Fixed possible lockup when using tcmap.
  • Fixed column footers so they are displayed at end of stream, or when a page is frozen
  • Fixed missing inline revision markers follwing a soft return.
  • Fixed “abort print” feature (Ctrl-C or double-shift).

3B2 Version 9.00 (build 106)

  • Fixed crash when using tfrules “Rule where there is text only” on an empty frame.
  • Fixed depth of column footer so it doesn’t include bottom margin fom the previous line.
  • Improving support for XML Catalogs.
  • Fixing FISH output from tputfdi.
  • Ensured that partial format is disabled when working with nested tables.
  • Support the libxml x3b2:// syntax in 3B2, to smooth integration between libxml and 3B2.
  • Fixed bug where frame background was not drawn correctly.  This was a particular problem when rounded corners were used.
  • Fixed bug where column footers weren’t displayed in alternate views, if there was a hard end of page/column.

3B2 Version 9.00 (build 107)

  • Fixed “update frame’s real values” option when using frame ties without copyfit.
  • Added “r1” option to accolades when they only want to repeat when changing frames and not for every column change.
  • Fixed possible error when measuring centred sub-columns in tables.
  • Fixed memory leak when displaying running headers from a showstring.
  • Heavily optimised FISH variables. Includes modification to the FISH related FDI sections.

3B2 Version 9.0 M010 (Build 215)

  • Fixed problem with incorrect revision level being reported when a line breaks at a position where multiple revision markers exist.
  • Fixed problem with <?bk>…<?ek> potentially locking up during a table prescan when they occur immediately after a hyphenated word.
  • Preventing predefined XML entities from appearing in non-XML streams.
  • Fixed problem in tables where nothing fits on a line except for leading spaces.
  • Fixed incorrect use of para revision marker when first character of a paragraph is deleted.

3B2 Version 9.0 M011 (Build 216)

  • Fixed problem with spot colour lines in PDF driver.
  • Fixed problem when deleting a tag that is used in a grouped frame.
  • Fixed problem with ttrevout on a selection of text that begins with a delete marker.
  • Fixed problem with delete marker after a tag being lost when the tag is removed in don’t mark styles mode.
  • Fixed problem with yanking a selection of text that begins with a delete marker.
  • Fixed problem when a table with a top caption is the first thing in a balance.
  • Fixed an issue so that when a table that is breaking across multiple frame columns overflows it automatically goes to the next frame.
  • Fixed hyphenation problem in Unicode version when word contains a \\ character.

3B2 Version 9.0 M012 (Build 217)

  • Fixed issue preserving counters in reshow slots when using multiple table headers.
  • Modified tputfdtp so that it also saves dependant auto-generated table tags from earlier freezes.

3B2 Version 9.0 M020 (Build 218)

  • Improved detection of bad fdi data when loading a file.
  • Fixed fdppg frame property so that it doesn’t clear all fish data when changing the footnote counter.
  • Fixed display maths from  being able to hang 10mm over the end of frame when at end of stream.
  • Fixed paragraph keeps from crossing balance boundaries.
  • Fixed crash when loading internet files.
  • Fixed inline markers from being displayed twice at the start of lines that need to be formatted twice.
  • Fixed txmlcatalog to allow x3b2 style filenames.
  • Fixed problem with <?h> command next to a word in the hyphenation exception dictionary.
  • Fixed problem with a space at the end of the last line of a frozen page.

3B2 Version 9.0 M020 (Build 219)

  • Fixed minor problem with Advanced options in Search/Replace dialogue box.
  • Fixed problem with spaces underlined with a rule control stream at the end of a line.
  • Fixed keeps between multiple paragraphs which specify “balance before” or “break across columns”

3B2 Version 9.0 M020 (Build 220)

  • Fixed crash from OCX when used in APP Enterprise edition.

3B2 Version 9.0 M030 (Build 221)

  • Fixed possible slow down with FISH variables.
  • Fix bug with missing passthru on the XML Printer Driver.
  • Fixed problem with repeated word in hyphenator.
  • Fixed PostScript errors when using bookmark links with Unicode tag names.
  • Fixed bug when using <?tbreshow=2,slotnum> and multiple headers.
  • Extended <?tbreshow=2> so that it also works when breaking mid-row without any headers.
  • Fix so that table prescan is triggered to measure sub-columns even if all the columns have fixed widths.
  • Fixed crash when using the exsl:document() extension function.
  • Fixed accolades that are under text and rules from killing other accolades that are closed on the same line.
  • Fixed problem with exsl:document() adding extra new line characters.
  • Fixed possible missing revision marker when deleting a tag set to always mark.
  • Fixed possible corruption of sfctrl file when updating fonts using a wildcard filename in a folder containing TrueType fonts.
  • Added support for OpenType fonts containing a CID-keyed PostScript font.

3B2 Version 9.0 M030 (Build 222)

  • Fixed search and replace statistics on a backward search.
  • Yellow bar when scrolling up and selecting text – bottom of selected text always on screen not scrolled down.
  • Fixed libxml node positions when the text element starts or ends with a character reference.
  • Fixed SVG Importer to handle whitespace in tspan blocks correctly.

3B2 Version 9.0 M040 (Build 223)

  • Fixed libxml node positions when using DTDs containing multibyte characters.
  • Fixed possible problem in PostScript driver when printing a spot seperation of a colour image.
  • Fixed Maths tfit and tfbf macros.
  • Fixed problem with short words in Greek hyphenator.
  • Fixed use of old fonts encrypted with Maths dongle protection.
  • Protected against too many accolades being defined at start of line and added warning 1120.
  • Text selection was sometimes incorrect when navigating in the yellow bar via a combination of cursor movements and mouse clicks.
  • Fixed problem that occasionally caused text redraw issues.
  • Fixed redraw problem with images that contain very long clipping paths.
  • Fixed a problem with anchor control streams where ‘frame’ and ‘column’ keywords (for example) did not respect target frame’s offsets (e.g. tfshift, tftie, tffit)
  • Fixed possible Pointer Error when a line keep block does not fit on a page.
  • Fixed crash with clicking in the yellow bar when a CSS stylesheet is active.
  • Fixed SVG Importer to allow style properties on a switch element.
  • Fixed problem with linked SVG graphics not getting reloaded when opening a document.
  • Fixed show string counters when a nested table overflows and the outer table is in overflow mode 2.
  • Fixed use of the xml-auto encoding with the SVG Importer.

3B2 Version 9.0 M041 (Build 224)

  • Fixed problem when using EPS rasters as colours.

3B2 Version 9.0 M050 (Build 225)

  • Fixed tlead macro to return correct results for current page when viewing multiple pages.
  • Fixed problems with autoframes using pagelife.
  • Fixed crash when parsing XML documents with multiple id attributes.
  • Fixed use of CSS stylesheets with the SVG Importer.
  • Fixed PostScript output when using fonts containing multiline copyright notices.

3B2 Version 9.0 M060 (Build 226)

  • Tag types created in a newer version of APP and will be handled in older versions as a .Tx type but the tag type is restored when the document will be saved.
  • Added a variable _obj_svg_errstream to control creation of the SVG error stream.
  • Fixed memory leak and error reporting with XML parsing.
  • Fixed footnote below lowest line placement within nested tables.
  • Reduced memory usage for low res linked rasters.

3B2 Version 9.0 M070 (Build 227)

  • Fixed update of preview pane on Styles/Properties/Font dialogue. (SPR 1327388)
  • Fixed issue with text in object graphics going missing when inline maths overflows. (SPR 1334412)
  • Fixed problem with hyphenator and ligature tables. (SPR 1329373)
  • Fixed problem with Unicode font names in PDF driver. (SPR 1340022)
  • Changed widths of Thin-Space (0x2009) and Hair-Space (0x200A). (SPR 1295354)
  • Fixed hyphenation of lines that contain Arabic characters. (SPR 1343944)
  • Amendment to fix 71 for footnote below lowest line placement within nested tables. (SPR 1314483)
  • Modified XInclude to obey XML related document preferences. (SPR1352271)
  • Fixed handling of undefined entities when reference name contains numbers. (SPR1329354)