APP Version 9.1 F000 (Build 403)

  • Fixed problem with Finnish hyphenation. (SPR 1287955)
  • Fixed copyfit when a table is the first thing in a frame.  (C5590723, SPR 1340331)
  • Fixed balancing of a slim table when it starts with a nested table which isn’t of overflow type 1.  (C5522299, SPR 1323685)
  • Modified XInclude to obey XML related document preferences. (C5614706, SPR1352271)
  • Fixed handling of undefined entities when reference name contains numbers. (C5546508, SPR1329354)
  • Fixed problem with some TrueType fonts. (SPR 1208608)
  • Added support for Unicode Non-Breaking Hyphen character. (SPR 1330606)
  • Fixed display of revision marker when they occur on a line that would otherwise be suppressed by <?tbend 1> (SPR 1322512)
  • Fixed inclusion of user stop reference for multiple columns when overflowing mid-row (SPR 1260610)

APP Version 9.1 F000 (Build 404)

  • Fixed displaying of small sections of underlines on the very end of a line when using letter spacing.
  • Fixed use of <?tbmb> for a table that breaks across columns, so that the 2nd and 3rd etc columns after the table, aren’t pushed down too far.
  • Fix for SPR1337403 removed due to regression. An option will be provided in a later release.
  • Fixed crash with logwriter when closing BFERR log multiple times. (SPR 1357483)
  • Fixed “multiple calls to same footnote” numbering in alternate views. (SPR 1355126)
  • Amendment to fix 127 for footnote below lowest line placement within nested tables. (SPR 1314483)

APP Version 9.1 F000 (Build 405)

  • Fixed table bottom margin so that it isn’t applied twice to nested tables.
  • Fixed problem with “Set Line Colour” dialogue. (SPR 1359544)
  • Modified “multiple calls to same footnote” to recognise footnotes as identical when the only difference is revision markers. (NB: the first footnote encountered will be the one used in the footnote frame.) (SPR 1358684)
  • Fixed display of characters following a \\vrule, \\hrule or \\drule command in maths, when the first character after the command is a d, h or w.
  • Fixed possible lockups when calling OCX methods. (SPR 1360017)