Arbortext Layout Developer

The major improvements since the last major release version ( are:

New Features

  • Interactive page representation in the JS debugger
  • New Workspaces feature to allow easier switching of system files
  • New properties dialogs for inline styles (tstyleprops), paragraphs (tparaprops), and frames (tframeprops)
  • Disabled multimedia output until issues with Adobe Acrobat are fixed
  • PDFlib update

Other Enhancements

  • Disabled GIFs from PDF passthrough due to removal of support in PDFlib
  • Added new PDF Printer options to help shrink PDF file sizes when converting EPS files (SPR 14164205)
  • Added support for multiple library paths on the command line or sargsw.3ad (13271026)
  • Updated x3b2:layout function to handle JS-only properties
  • Allowed Page Sequence states to be rolled back on format page end event retries (SPR 13391897)
  • Added line wrapping to JS Debugger code editor
  • Added support for Windows Share paths to the JS File object using correct Windows slashes (SPR 14027730)
  • Extended debugger code completion to include JS function tags, use embedded JSDoc and use external definitions files Fixes

  1. Added parameter to pseudo fonts mapglyph to specify what ‘real’ character to output when drawing the specifed glyph (SPR 13306438)
  2. Fixed problem printing symbol fonts with OT Shaping (SPR 13751029)
  3. Fixed problem with loading duplicate fonts and printing to PS with brackets
  4. Fixed attribute parsing for XML streams to handle ignorable whitespace (SPR 14244975)
  5. Fixed fTextRule height and depth properties through FOM (SPR 13392011)
  6. Fixed the font size used in dialogs when explicitly set in the string (SPR 12733658)
  7. Fixed issue loading namespaced tags in tag libraries
  8. Fixed drawing of left accolade when set to fAccolade.LOCATION_EXACT. (SPR 13046841)
  9. Fixed PDF mono mode to stop it preserving spot colours when converting EPS files (SPR 13384509)
  10. Fixed crash with downsampling when printing to PDF (SPR 14024264)
  11. Fixed crash editing icons with iconedit (SPR 13393047)
  12. Escaped tfmtlog error messages so they are safe in XML attributes (SPR 14050145)
  13. Fixed issue with Sticky Note annotations having zero width+height
  14. Fixed issue with using #13 in scripts not inserting a hard return (SPR 13772604)