APP Version 9.1 M110 (Build 510)

  • Fixed the frame inter-column gutter rule when it is tracking the text, so that it works properly with tables, break backs, empty columns and when text in the right hand column starts higher than the left. (SPR 1604422 for the tables)
  • Fixed a problem with unsorted indexes where levels were incorrectly combined. (SPR 1602614)
  • Fixed a problem with missing footnotes on frozen pages. (SPR 1615555)
  • Fixed a problem with <?=> when used near a repeated column header. (SPR 1640386)
  • Fixed a problem where footnotes could not overlap anchors when ‘Reposition anchor frames’ is disabled. (SPR 1657990)
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of bounding box information in some OpenType fonts containing PostScript outlines. (SPR 1679460)
  • Fixed problem with revision markers and queues. (SPR 1670875)
  • Fixed problem with revision markers that are cut from a stream using a showstring yank. (SPR 1658084)