The release note tell us this:

o Fixed potential lockup when trying to keep back with a balanced table/block. (SPR 1805994)

o Fixed issue with the inter-column gutter rule when using break-back options on text within a column that’s not on the left. (SPR 1725554)

o Fixed issue with the inter-column gutter rule when using a table within a column that’s not on the left. (SPR 1730394)

o Fixed issue with best-fit references when the page was not at the top left of the display (e.g. with bleed gaps). (SPR 1785993)

o Fully support ^attr#(n) syntax to access attributes passed via fFormatting.formatStream().

o Allow modifying the properties of linked and read-only streams through FOM, protecting only their contents.

o Fixed issue where iterating an empty attributes object in FOM would return spurious properties and throw an exception. (SPR 1833914)

o Fixed issue where namespaces linked to external files would not be loaded properly when accessed from FOM. (SPR 1834094)

o Fixed issue where floating-point numbers were interpreted as mm by the fLength constructor, instead of decimicrons as expected. (SPR 1833975)

o Fixed an issue where properties could be lost when preserving properties in mode two and a table/block overflows. (SPR 1833498)

o Fixed an issue where changes to properties of the last cell of a table could be lost when that cell is empty and using <?tbend 1> or <?tbend 2> (SPR 1833500)

o Fixed issues with the fContexts FOM objects (SPR 1834014)

o Fixed an issue where clicking content created by a JavaScript base stream produced an error message. (SPR 1834013)

o Improved stack trace information logged in case of JavaScript exceptions.

o Fixed an issue where starting a table using formatting.tableStart() inserted an empty line. (SPR 1834073)

o Fixed problem with tsavetxt macro when using {:utf-16} filter. (SPR 1812349)

o Fixed use of default cell properties for a row when the row contains a nested table. (SPR 1817187)

o Fixed issue when overflowing a triple nested table of overflow modes 2, 1 and 2 where the overflow occurs within the inner table. (SPR 1725493)

o Fixed overflow of tables that break mid-row where cell properties could be applied twice giving problems when using <?tbcrules +…> (SPR 1719916)

o Fixed possible formatting lockup when formatting a table of overflow mode 2, and there is contents within the cell that is too wide to ever fit within the measure (SPR 1815318)

o Fixed error where the table cell dialog does not insert the tbcrules command when OK’d. (SPR 1767723)

o Fixed format stack corruption caused by erroneous down within table cells. (SPR 1832359)

o Fixed issues with the fPath FOM objects (SPR 1834383)

o Fixed issue of line overprinting when balancing multiple lines with the paragraphs breaking across columns. (SPR 1827579)

o Fixed printing to multiple page ranges (SPR 1831620)

o Fixed use of JS scripts and functions in calcf and custom XPath extensions (SPR 1835924)

o Extended APP to treat an expression as JavaScript if it is enclosed between {} brackets.

o Added new method fApplication.loadJS() that loads and runs JavaScript from an external file.

o Added FOM fBookmark and fBookmarkReference objects.

o Fixed fStream transform properties (SPR 1839278)

o Improved FOM content constructors and type conversions.

o Fixed fTemplate print() and format() methods (SPR 1842352)

o Fixed issue when using pseqstart after a psequp (SPR 1842371)