13th Mar 19

Arbortext Styler and APP Introduction and Tips Webcast

Arbortext Styler and APP Introduction and Tips Webcast All about Styler and APP and why you would use one or the other or both!

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21st May 15

APP World 2011 Highlight videos now on you tube

Extracts from the Arbortext APP World 2011 Users’ Event Highlights Webinar presentations Including: Arbortext V11 M010 Overview Arbortext APP JavaScript FOM API Intro Arbortext Suite and APP Integration  

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27th Apr 15

APP Unicode only from V11.1

As announced by PTC product management April 2015. For the next major version of APP (version 11.1 in late July), PTC will be no longer be providing the ‘standard’  (pre Unicode based ISO version) version of APP. They will only be providing the Unicode version. This is to allows the development to streamline some processes […]

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2nd Apr 15

First set of information videos online

Our first few Arbortext and APP related tutorial/demo videos are now available on youtube.

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26th Jan 15

3B2/APP Perl and Active State Perl

From version 7 3B2/Arbrotext Advanced Print Publisher has has Perl Scripting integration. The latest version of Perl integrated and compatible as from version 8 is Perl 5.8. The installed version is the default however Active State perl of the same version can be used instead. 32bit APP requires 32bit Perl. 64bit APP requires 64bit Perl. […]

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