26th Jan 15

3B2/APP Perl and Active State Perl

From version 7 3B2/Arbrotext Advanced Print Publisher has has Perl Scripting integration. The latest version of Perl integrated and compatible as from version 8 is Perl 5.8. The installed version is the default however Active State perl of the same version can be used instead. 32bit APP requires 32bit Perl. 64bit APP requires 64bit Perl. […]

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27th Jun 14

Misconceptions about Arbortext APP (3B2)

Common misconceptions about Arbortext APP (3B2) Here I aim counter balance or correct some of the common misconceptions and unfounded points we hear about 3B2 (Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher). APP is for newspapers and magazines right? APP was once used for many news papers and some magazine, but this was in the years after it […]

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30th Jul 13

APP/3B2 element content suppressing

Suppressing text content is commonly done in the past with a show string yank and possible need for <?tpignme=1> amongst other needs. A alternative way is to use the <?attr> PI to tell 3B2 to move the current formatting position to the end of the current paragraph. You would of course need to know the […]

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12th Jun 13

APP/3B2 Page sequence stacks

Page sequence stacks; among the enhancements to page sequence controls in version 10 came ‘psequp’ and ‘pseqdown’. No as well as being able to control the sequence via control stream and in-line on a single level you can now also ‘stack’ sequences i.e. controlling them in-line turning on nested page sequences in turn with psequp […]

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30th Apr 13

APP/3B2 Context control streams

What can context control streams do for you!? Introduced in version 10 context control streams used with XML or DOM content are a powerful alternative to context/structure related formatting with XPath and ‘much’ faster. They enable you to apply/map styles or JS code (V11) to global elements, PI’s or specific context/condition elements in your data […]

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