Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher Version 12 was released at the end of September 2019, so what’s new…

  • New name
    Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP) has now been renamed Arbortext Layout Developer (ALD) to more accurately reflect its role and function within the Arbortext product suite
  • New look
    New organisation and look for the main toolbar and menu system (with png icon support)
  • MathJax library
    Enables direct inline support to convert MathML to SVG displayed graphics in your templates without the need for prior conversion or the old TeX based MathML library.
  • OpenType feature tables library
    Support for Open Type feature tables, word shaping, script/language changing, glyph and table viewing
  • Sample library
    New 3d folder content and sample library

And if you have missed what came in recent versions of version 11, here is a short summary of some main features:

  • Javascript & FOM development utility & debugger
  • PDF features
    • Layers
    • Colour profiles
    • Versioning
    • Standards
    • Tagged PDF / accessibility
    • Custom XMP metadata
    • Multimedia
    • Forms
    • Actions
    • Custom page numbers and padding
    • Page rotation
    • Image down sampling and compression
    • Image passthrough transparency
    • SVG passthrough
    • Crop, trim, bleed, art box boundaries
    • Passwords and security
    • Optimised web view
  • fPublishing events to test and re-format individual pages
  • fDisplay result access to interrogate output results during formatting and react
  • Custom Javascript hyphenation exception dictionaries
  • Colour opacity
  • ZIP file access/creation and zipped 3dz documents
  • 3DU Graphics
  • Cyrillic numbering
  • And many other FOM enhancements and bug fixes.

If you have active maintenance or subscription you can upgrade now from

Otherwise please contact us for a demo or to arrange a trial.

See all this and more about ALD and the other Arbortext Products at the Arbortext Conference in Frankfurt 3-4 December 2019.