18th Dec 12

APP JS Function hyphenation exception dictionary

From V11 M020 you can now specify a JavaScript function as an exception dictionary. The JS will return a string containing lists of priorities that specify when the hyphenator is allowed to break or not break. This enables some very clever pattern matching options and much greater control over the hyphenation than standard exception dictionaries […]

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14th Sep 12

APP transparency & opacity with PDFlib

If you use transparency / opacity in your work in images, Version 11’s direct PDFlib driver supports the handling of these using the drivers image passthrough option and works with giff, png and imported PDF pages. If you need alternate text in your PDF output, V11 tagged PDF facility can provide this also.

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21st Jun 12

APP raster import resolution

A new Version 11 feature came to our attention recently that enables you to set the default import resolution for different graphic types. Normally APP takes a ‘best guess’ from the information it has on the raster content and does not always get it right! The new preference can be set with the macro [fdpref […]

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8th May 12

APP Floating license switch option

New option for APP customers to switch their “node locked” licences into “floating” licences. From version 11 their are 2 different licensing models and most APP customers automatically moved onto the “node locked” type. PTC has now made the “floating” option (via FlexLM) available to active maintenance customers as an option to have a more […]

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12th Apr 11

APP/3B2 History @ Boeing

One of the biggest customers and early adopters of Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (3B2) Desktop and Enterprise Server was Boeing Commercial Aircraft. The implementation of the solution using 3B2 took only five months from proof of concept to actual production trials at Boeing’s EMOD test and development laboratory in Long Beach, California. As a result of […]

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