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Arbortext perfect Journey Webinar
Perfect journey for high quality publishing XML content in a speedy manner

In this webinar event, our experienced partner DATACOPY will demonstrate the journey to easily move to the powerful Arbortext Publishing Engine. Beside some overview, Erwin Mueller will focus on live presentation for Arbortext Styler and Publishing Engine. Erwin is a Senior Principal Consultant optimizing XML high-end publishing solutions for customers across Europe for more than 2 decades.

15:00 UCT/GMT, 22nd March 2021
Hosted by PTC, register here.
MS Word round trip conversions 
Converting MS Word to clean usable tagged data mark-up for publishing in a fast and effecting way has been a task for providers and publishers for many years. From Word plug-ins, RTF converters and the changes with docx formats, there are many routes available.

For our financial publishing solution, a Word converter of a new kind was developed with our partners to take a word file of any condition, filter it and convert the content into our typesetting focused tagged mark-up, as well-formed XML or manual typesetting ML formats. 

This tool has now been extended to take these tagged formats and convert them back to Word (the Word round trip), crucially retaining extra information from the typesetting process which is later extracted back into the mark-up again when the Word document comes back from the client for its next cycle of processing. 

If you would like more information about our Word conversion solutions please contact us.

Arbortext Layout Editor Migrations
Arbortext Layout Editor is a new edition of the Arbortext Layout Developer product (aka APP/3B2) designed for content editors and typesetters/pagination operators to utilise the templates and UI functionality developed in ALD, for desktop pagination & layout/content editing purposes within an editing orientated environment at 1/4 the price per licence of the full ALD product.

Migrating your existing templates to work with Layout Editor requires knowledge of the legacy 3B2 toolsets, new V12 features and the restrictions within ALE to modify what is needed and migrate your templates into a compatible library environment.

tformat offer a migration report and full migration work services and well as compatible new development to help you take full advantage of this new product and its long term cost savings.

For more information, please contact us

Data comparison and Merging
Comparing data and producing legible & standard compliant reporting on the differences between data has been a long time requirement in many industries beyond just publishing. For some the basic tools in an application like word is enough, but for more specialised requirements and when comparing tagged data, XML or JSON for example, then a more sophisticated set of tools is required to control areas such as change thresholds, partition boundaries, whitespace, output validity not to mention readability and intelligent re-rending of the merged data result.
tformat have many years experience with comparison and can provide a number of solutions to fit your requirements. 

If you would like further information about our comparison and data merge solutions, please contact us.

Arbortext Layout Developer & Layout Editor V12.1 training
tformat and our partners are creating ALD Version 12.1 update training as well as ALE V12.1 training courses. These courses will re-cap and build on many of the related features you may have missed in V11 and the new features from version 12 including all the JS FOM API updates and insights on how to develop your solutions with ALE in mind.

To register you interest in these courses or tailored consulting please contact us.

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