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13th Mar 18

Arbortext APP V11.2 M010 Release Notes

The M010 release of APP 11.2 was released yesterday. This is a ‘Critical Bugs Only’ release, with M020 being the more ‘standard’ release. Fixed crash editing a PDF Form Item object using FOM (SPR 7190125) Fixed issue saving a “tsaved” file using the tsave macro with a filename parameter (SPR 7306012) Fixed issue loading colour […]

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5th Dec 17

Arbortext APP V11.2 F000 Release Notes

New PDF features. Multimedia in PDF – embed MP4 video, MP3 audio and Flash content in PDFs PDF Forms – Add PDF form fields to PDF pages (text fields, buttons, check boxes etc) PDF Actions – Add scripting to PDF to allow interaction with media, forms, 3D and other parts of the PDF 3D Graphics […]

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1st Nov 17

PTC Forum Europe 2017

PTC Forum Europe – November 14th 2017 Meet with us and join more than 3,200 technology professionals from all over Europe and India on November 14th, in Stuttgart Germany and online at this free event hosted by PTC. PTC Forum Europe attendees include industry thought leaders, cutting-edge manufacturers, product development and service professionals, IoT innovators, […]

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1st Nov 17

SQUAREMOONS Word document processing and comparison utility

Presenting SQUAREMOONS Word document processing and comparison utility Our partner SQUAREMOONS has a new utility that is a fast and effective MS Word document processing tool which can extract data and embedded content from any MS Word document in a matter of seconds into clean and structured custom ML and XML tag formats. There are […]

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25th Oct 17

Arbortext APP V11.1 M080 Release Notes

The M080 maintenance bug fix release of APP Version 11.1 is now available for download for active maintenance customers Fixed crash with fdRunningHeader (SPR 6732513) Fixed crash clicking on the Properties button for the Windows printer driver (SPR 6713626) Fixed issue with Unicode character 0x00FF getting skipped when printing to XML (SPR 6818089) Allow CMYK+Spot […]

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