(Build 5638)
o Fixed print ranges with the tprint macro (SPR 9521875) (Build 5671)
o Fixed crash augmenting data using predicates (SPR 9480779)
o Fixed redraw issue when bringing the main window to the front while a document is loading (SPR 9340607)
o Fixed fFormatting.recordEnd() align parameter (SPR 9497160)
o Updated PStill library to fix issues with gradients in EPS files (SPR 9529381)
o SVGs with viewbox now scale uniformally (SPR 9609996)
o Fixed problem with display maths block clashing with text when using auto leading (SPR 9592962)
o Fixed hyphenation issue when using OpenType shaping (SPR 9610405)
o Updated PStill library to fix issues with tiling in EPS files (SPR 9878716)
o Fix to increase the height of the surround frame to resolve displaced footnotes when using combined footnotes and “Reducing footnote height” mode. (SPR 9727112)
o Fixed problem with the formatting page end event duplicating footnotes when the page retries (SPR 9881760)
o Added warning dialog to identify documents saved with a different “nostrictjs” mode.
o Fixed issue with overprint colour mode defaulting to on (SPR 9543151)