The release notes say this:

  • Fixed <?bkw> so it correctly adjusts the line width when stripping off a preceeding word and then works with <?tjl>. (SPR 2121163)
  • Fixed row start command from being ignored following an empty block at the top of a row that has just overflowed to a new page. (SPR 2133003)
  • Fixed regression with <?bk>…<?ek> when used in conjunction with <?tbchmode 1> to make a column as wide as it’s longest word. (SPR 2097304)
  • Updated font system to use fonts internal unitsPerEm. (SPR 2147087)
  • Fixed use of queues when they preceed a Javascript instruction to start a block or table. (SPR 2120194)
  • Fixed possible repeated characters when hyphenator fits whole word on line. (SPR 2111160, SPR 2135875, SPR 2144873)
  • Fixed hyphenation problem when formatting a call-in loop from a JavaScript function. (SPR 2111160)
  • Fixed crash when printing to PDF/A-1a without setting Generate Tagged PDF option. (SPR 2122114)
  • Fixed issue using fStyle.underline in the middle of a line (SPR 2153726)
  • Fixed JS ex_map template so the resulting 3d file can be reloaded correctly after being saved.
  • Fixed issue with try tables saving and restoring text properties correctly (SPR 2145691)
  • Added “xmlscope” parameter to XML indexes, allowing them to select index references based on a location path.
  • Prevented global search from inspecting JavaScript tags, causing crashes (SPR 2127005)
  • Fixed occasional crashes testing context matches (SPR 2129307)
  • Fixed crash when misusing FOM XPathException objects (SPR 2151969)
  • Fixed contexts to match comments and PIs when only using contextup (SPR 2154340)
  • Fixed problems where text nodes in SVG are no longer rendering and causing errors (SPR 2154178)
  • Fixed issue with FOM formatting.addImage when the image size evaluates to more than 3 decimal places.
  • Fixed issue when printing to Tagged PDF file for a second time, after a tformat. (SPR 2121676)
  • Improved error logging when printing to PDF. (SPR 2121676)
  • Fixed issue with heading maps not working when not sorting indexes (SPR 2145902)
  • Added 2 new Pantone+ Colour Books.

The big deal is SPR2147087. THIS FIX WILL MAKE MANY DOCUMENTS APPEAR DIFFERENT. Changing the internal font metrics for TrueType font handling means that when APP measures text to ensure it will fit on a line, it will now get different results, which may cause line endings to change. The new result is more accurate and therefore better, but please be aware of this change.


The FOM release notes have this to say:

  • Added fLog.logMsg() method.
  • Added fApplication.jsDebugFlag property and fApplication.jsDebugFlags constant group.
  • Modified fStyle.variant type from int to string.
  • Added fTemplate.errorLogOverrides property.
  • Fixed documentation for fFormat.errorLogOverrides.
  • Added fTemplatePreferences.formatting property.
  • Added fTemplatePreferencesFormatting object.
  • Added fPDFLayer object.
  • Added fFrame.pdfLayer property.

Notice the addition of fPDFLayer and fFrame.pdfLayer properties. These are provided as a Technology Preview only at the moment – this means it is not yet complete and is not yet supported but we’d be happy to hear your feedback if you have a play with it. Using this you can create a PDF layer in your PDF output and put a frame on that PDF layer. The print dialogue has an option to create PDF layers.