There has been a huge amount of work gone into this release despite the number of SPRs listed below. The team has worked through a very long list SPR fixes for the embedded version of APP which are not reflected in these release notes but nevertheless go to improving the stability and functionality of the standalone application.

The release notes say:

  • Fixed possible crash in 64 bit verion. (SPR 2111115)
  • Fixed use of ekw at the end of a paragraph, table or block. (SPR 2110937)
  • Removed unwanted word space extra after a TAB. (SPR 2105201)
  • Fixed problem with XML loading and validating large external DTDs. (SPR 2085088)
  • Fixed problem with XML inserting a table into the incorrect position in a stream. (SPR 2120964)
  • Fixed block balancing when using tables and block headers (SPR 2028406)
  • Fixed tables restarting on a new page, after the header pushed the table off the previous page (SPR 2111643)
  • Fixed problems printing EPS files to PDF in 64 bit version. (SPR 2135483)
  • Fixed accolades when spanning avoided frames for table overflow mode 2 (SPR 2072862)

The FOM release notes say:

  • Added parameter to fFormatting.keepStart() and keepEnd() to support word keeps.
  • Added headerKeepTogether property to fTable.
  • Added mustFit property to fTable and fBlock.
  • Added marginFollowOrientation property to fTable and fBlock.
  • Added copyLink parameter to method.
  • Added fFormat.errorLogErrors, errorLogOutput, errorLogClasses, errorLogSeverity and errorLogOverrides properties
  • Added fFormat.ErrorLogClassFlags, ErrorLogSeverityFlags and ErrorLogSeverityOverride constant groups
  • Added fTemplate.errorLogErrors, errorLogOutput, errorLogClasses and errorLogSeverity properties
  • Added fFormatting.errorLogCountsFatal, errorLogCountsNonFatal, errorLogCountsWarning and errorLogCountsInformation properties