The M030 maintenance release of APP 11.2 is now available.

This is a ‘urgent fixes only’ release, new features scheduled for M040.

The release notes say this:

  • Fixed crash with the Drive drop-down menu on the File Open dialog (SPR 7564783)
  • Fix crash with JS Printer driver (SPR 7573446)
  • Fix crash when formatting empty footnotes
  • Fix issue with PDF Notes appearing on multiple draw passes (SPR 7619337)
  • Fix crash with DOM importNode() (SPR 7595493)
  • Added x3b2:nbsp element to the XML printer driver (SPR 7623432)
  • Fix output of rules in the XML printer driver (SPR 7232396)
  • Fixed issue with nested text underline / strikethrough commands gett! ing lost (SPR 7633407)
  • Fixed issue with CJK frame property getting picked up by the bleed string (SPR 7378633)
  • Fixed crash editing DOM streams when formatting results of XPath expressions (SPR 7588072)
  • Added missing languages for the spell checker (SPR 7628572)

The FOM notes say this:

  • Added fPage.pdfPageRotation property.
  • Added fPage.PDFPageRotationFlags constant group.
  • Added fLayer.pdfPageRotation property.
  • Added fdBlock.orientation and fdTable.orientation properties.
  • Added fPublishEvents.formatVJFrame property.
  • Added fdContentArea.shift() method.
  • Added fdBlock.resize(), fdBlockRegion.resize(), fdTable.resize(), and fdTableCell.resize() methods.
  • Added “locked” parameter to fFormatting-pdfNote() method.

New additions in this release:

One is a new publishing event formatVJFrame which is called during during formatting after VJ has been applied. This should allow users to execute code after VJ but before the end of the page.

Another is the pdfPageRotation properties set on pages and layers. This will allow users to set the page rotation value for PDFs for things like landscape pages.

Finally, something new which can only be used in conjunction with the formatVJFrame event is the fdContentArea.shift() method and the resize() methods on blocks and tables. Shift will allow you to move a content area by giving x and y values to move the area (perhaps fixing the VJ if you don’t like what APP’s done). The resize option allows users to change the size of block and table components without changing the text – so really any borders or backgrounds will change…