The M010 release of APP 11.2 was released yesterday. This is a ‘Critical Bugs Only’ release, with M020 being the more ‘standard’ release.

  • Fixed crash editing a PDF Form Item object using FOM (SPR 7190125)
  • Fixed issue saving a “tsaved” file using the tsave macro with a filename parameter (SPR 7306012)
  • Fixed issue loading colour books if the current directory changes (SPR 7140281)
  • Fixed issue where cloned XML nodes can get the namespace prefix as part of their name (SPR 7251635)
  • Fixed crash in XSLT testing a string against a xsl:param value
  • Fixed issue where FOM fdContentArea objects can get deleted while still being used
  • Fixed issue where fdContentArea.highlight() c! an highlight the incorrect areas
  • Fixed FOM fTemplateOutputPreference.displayProfileRGB so it doesn’t affect workingProfileRGB (SPR 7066722)

The FOM release notes say this:

  • Added fdIndexReference object
  • Added fDisplay.indexReferences property
  • Added fContent.documentSequences and pageSequences properties
  • Added fdPage.refresh() and redraw() methods
  • Added fdContentArea.isHighlighted property
  • Renamed fBlockRegion-RegionVerticalAlignment and fTableCell-CellVerticalAlignment constant groups to avoid clashes with other constants
  • Added fFormatState.tableColumnLeft, tableColumnRight, tableColumnWidth, tableColumnGutterWidth, tableColumn, tableRow, tableColumnSpan, tableRowSpan, lineWithinParagraph, lineWithinColumn, lineWithinPage, paragraphWithinPage, lineWithinTable, horizontalPositon, and horizontalPositonSpaces properties

You can see from the FOM release notes that some tweaks have been made to the fDisplay objects. It is now possible to access the index references on a page. The fFormatting.formatState object has also been extended to provide FOM access to some more properties which used to hide behind getvars.