This is a ‘critical bug fix’ release. The next full Maintenance release will be M070 in the summer of 2017.

The release notes say this:

  • Fixed issue where subbing info got lost when saving the document. (SPR 4863740)
  • Fix crash with page sequences retrying a page containing footnotes. (SPR 6309777)
  • Fix crash accessing fDisplay.currentFrame when resizing a frame (SPR 6263777)
  • Fix crash when loading fonts in the OCX client (SPR 6262153)
  • Fix crash when overflowing a table cell in RTL mode (SPR 6204846)
  • Fix crash when using hyphenationAtColumnBreak with widows and orphans (SPR 6207412)
  • Updated PDFlib library to latest version 9.0.7p3 (SPR 6183232)