11.1 M040 (Build 4243)

This is an interim patch, with the majority of our work focussed on the M050 release in December.

  • Fixed issues with formatting getting stuck when processing augmented nodes. (SPR 5802047)
  • Fixed crash with FOM fdFrameColumn.text propery. (SPR 5699709)
  • Fixed crash in the XML printer driver when outputting rules. (SPR 5915862)
  • Fixed autosave losing its settings after the first save in the 64-bit version. (SPR 5882544)
  • Added option to footnote control stream to stop rules on the main frame from being copied when creating the footnote frame. (SPR 5945621)
  • Fixed issue where a footnote can be the wrong height if the last thing in the stream is a reference (SPR 5941750)
  • Fixed crash adding a new stop point in the gradient dialog. (SPR 2812547)
  • Restored Perl scripting engine back to version 5.8.9 (SPR 5760635)