The M100 maintenance release of APP 11.0 is available for active maintenance customer.

• Fixed crash with page sequences after ending a blank page that doesn’t contain any frames from the main content page (SPR 7079520)
• Fixed pointer error using multiple “autocopy” document sequence master pages (SPR 7328347)
• Fixed crash using tfnt with pseudofonts (SPR 6537132)
• Fixed FOM fTemplateOutputPreference.displayProfileRGB so it doesn’t affect workingProfileRGB (SPR 7066722)
• Fix issue loading colour books if the current directory changes (SPR 7140281)
• Fix regression where cloned XML nodes can get the namespace prefix as part of their name (SPR 7251635)
• Updated PStill library to fix issues with embedded fonts in EPS files (SPR 7268103)