Here are the release notes:

10.0 M110 (Build 1465)

o Fixed crash when loading some TIFF images. (SPR 2066784)

o Fixed issue with nested tables or blocks that span and then break to a new frame or page (SPR 2075732)

o Fixed occasional crashes when using defaultRow.fTableCell and defaultRow.fTableStyle. (SPR 2081988)

o Updated Unicode support to version 5.1.0 (SPR 2086780)

o Fixed problem with Unicode BIDI support in Arabic text. (SPR 2084017)

o The top_break argument of formatting.tableEnd() was being ignored. (SPR 2093699)

o Avoid rounding JavaScript lengths. (SPR 2095646)

o Fixed problem when hyphenating a word containing a JavaScript PI. (SPR 2073385)

o Setting special break flags in <?h> PI now overrides Unicode line breaking rules. (SPR 2093726)

o Fixed problem with missing Arabic glyphs. (SPR 2093538)

o Preserve Symbol font mapping to Private Use Area when specified. (SPR 2093503)

o Fixed possible crash in Dieckmann Hyphenation system. (SPR 2093148)

o Fixed issue with XSLT format-number function (SPR 2092921)

o Fixed XML Printer driver to stop filtering characters in the Unicode Private Use Area range. (SPR 2084043)

o Fixed problem with PDF page bookmarks when top gap or left gap is specified in document preferences. (SPR ! 2095879)

o Improved memory usage with the XML printer driver. (SPR 2053117)

There were no changes to the FOM for this release.