The release notes say this:

o Fixed application.variables[] iteration using JavaScript loops which wasn’t working. (SPR 1995217)

o Fixed global variables initialisation with relation to multiple content streams. (SPR 1995220)

o Fixed FOM object iteration using JavaScript loops which wasn’t working. (SPR 1995178)

o Fixed issue with sprint where combined footnotes did not trim back when their references got displaced. (SPR 1976267)

o Fixed problem with frame rules where top rule would be 0 width when negative radius corners are used. (SPR 1979499)

o Implemented <?tbsimcol 3> so that cells aren’t treated as top of column, but do have the cell top drop applied. (SPR 1789953)

o Fixed problem where pseqbreak inserts a blank page too late when issued at the start of the document.

o Fixed crash when inquiring fTypeface objects for document embedded fonts. (SPR 1976966)

o Fixed crash when using startPattern and endPattern on fRule objcets. (SPR 1980885)

o Modified behaviour of <?thylwdis> when hyphenating, if the last word is too wide for the measure, force hyphenation. (SPR 1983264)

o Removed need to enclose fTableColumn.alignChar in double quotes. (SPR 1983269)

o Fixed problem with frame gutter rule properties not working in FOM. (SPR 1983259)

o Implemented support for flexible width blocks being rotated. (SPR 1981064)

o Improved handling of margins for tables or blocks that are rotated. (SPR 1984495)

o Fixed issues where property preservation is turned on mid-cell and allowing properties to persist into subsequent cells or beyond the table. (SPR 1985179)

o Fixed issues where property preservation is turned on mid-block and allowing properties to persist beyond the end of the block. (SPR 1988250)

o Fixed lockup when content is too wide for a column and the content is being skipped due to an overflow. (SPR 1988250)

o Fixed bad line breaking issue with punctuation in Thai text. (SPR 1989484)

o Fixed keeps issue when auto-leading causes line to overflow. (SPR 1989474)

o Fixed error when using a character entity reference that falls out of the range of valid characters for the Standard version (SPR 1974269)

o Fixed problem with frame shift incorrectly calculating left / right and odd / even conditions during formatting. (SPR 1986600)

o Implemented support for nested tables or blocks within a column header. (SPR 1952447)

o Fixed problem with scaled inline EPS files. (SPR 1987615)

o Improved accuracy of imported image size in APP. (SPR 1992457)

o Fixed crash when converting FOM stream objects to colours. (SPR 1993481)

o Fixed hyphenation of a word containing a JS Script tag. (SPR 1988721)

o Fixed problem with row widows & orphans and cellkeeptogether when in overflow mode 1. (SPR 1994733)

o Added support for Arabic, Hebrew and Thai grouping to the Advanced XML Indexes. (SPR 1993586)

o Fixed problem loading linked tags using x3b2:// syntax. (SPR 1994703)

o Fixed missing fonts when TrueType and OpenType fonts have same family name. (SPR 1975469)

o Fixed corruption in sfctrl.3ad when appending fonts with long names. (SPR 1975469)

o Fixed an issue where properties could be corrupt when a block overflowed that was within a table breaking mid-row and with preserve properties enabled. (SPR 1988250)

o Fixed an issue where properties could be corrupt when overflowing between rows within a table and with preserve properties enabled. (SPR 1988250)

o Fixed display order of numbers containing ‘European Number Terminator’ and ‘European Number Separator’ characters in Arabic text. (SPR 2000497)

o Fixed use of bottom margin in a block that breaks across frame columns (SPR 1972564)

o Fixed problem loading linked tags using \{:utf8\} encoding syntax. (SPR 1994703)


The FOM release notes say

o Added fFormatting.pageSequenceBreak() method

o Added subscriptStart/End and superscriptStart/End methods to fFormatting

o Added hyphenationOnLastWord, hyphenationAtColumnBreak and hyphenationAtPageBreak properties to fParagraph

o Added parameter to fFormatting.tableStart and fFormatting.blockStart to accept literal processing instructions for the new block or table

o Added properties to fRaster and fGraphic to provide access to size information

o Added fFormatting.addImage() method, with associated fFormatting.ImageScale and ImageBestFit constants

o Added fDocumentProperty object for global document properties

o Added properties on fPDFPrinter and fPSPrinter to support outputting document properties

o Added fApplication.arrays and fApplication.hashes to provide access to Perl’s arrays and hashes, also known as @ and % variables

o Added fParagraph.hyphenationExceptionDictionary and hyphenationExceptionDictionary2

o Added constants to fIndexAdvancedItem.GroupControlNames for GROUP_AR (Arabic), GROUP_HE (Hebrew) and GROUP_TH (Thai)

o Added fStyle.hyphenationCharacter and fStyle.hyphenationBreakCharacters properties

o Added fStyle.unipairTable property