The release notes say this:


o Implemented support for wordsonly on tunderline, tstrikethrough and toverbar. (SPR 1664816)

o Added a secondary row number counter for use with cell rules and backgrounds using ‘Y’. Use <?lineno ‘Y’,x> modify and <?tbovrowz 2> to reset.

o Fixed an issue when a cell spans multiple rows and breaks mid row over a page, with a clean break between rows in the middle. (SPR 1865311)

o Fixed an issue when an overflow occurs within a table and the item that overflows is spanning. (SPR 1938744)

o Fixed fidelity of show string and fish counters when overflowing certain combinations of nested tables and blocks (SPR 1963504)

o Fixed issue with keep-with-previous where it wouldn’t work within a section that itself was being balanced (SPR 1971370)

o Fixed issue with special-top-drop for a cell that wasn’t being applied when within a block within a table of overflow mode 2 (SPR 1949029)

o Fixed crash seen after copy show string counters to a local temporary set. (SPR 1958149)

o Fixed some XML index creation issues that caused generation of broken XML. (SPR 1874111)

o Fixed generated index hierarchy when using sort_as^display_as entrties on multiple levels. (SPR 1874106)

o Fixed problem that prevented UI actions being overridden in siconusr.3ic. (SPR 1938208)

o Fixed several tag debugger issues. Also improved effectiveness of double-shift to trigger immediate breakpoint. Also improved double-shift when not using tag debugger. (SPRs 1775010, 1814975, 1814993, 1817258, 1772995)

o Implemented widow and orphan rows for tables.

o Fixed crash when using fBlockTab objects. (SPR 1974473)

o Fixed keeping between a row at the end of a table and a parent block and a following table.

o Fixed rotated footnotes surround frame size issue. (SPR 1919326)

o Fixed problem with OpenType font containing an empty index table. (SPR 1972664)

o Fixed problem with space at end of line containing leaders. (SPR 1970802)

o Fixed issue that prevented frame shift (tfshift) from working when using copyfit with ‘update real values’ enabled. (SPR 1936426)

o Added new mode to tlink to allow script files to be linked to tags but still be editable.

o Fixed issue where creating a new style sometimes copied the content stream into it. (SPR 1928649)

o Fixed issues with FOM fContent.insertPage() failing when inserting multiple pages or when there are no other pages in the document. (SPR 1976594)

o Implemented <?tbfmthdir> to flip <?tbfmth> when <?tbdir> is specified. (SPR 1975974)

o Implemented <?tbcindent>, <?tbcindentabs>, <?tbcindenttab>, <?tbcindenttab2>, <?tbcindentstart>, <?tbcabsstart>, <?tbcindentend> and <?tbcabsend> to work with <?tbdir>. (SPR 1976983)

o Fixed issue with column footers where the whole of a double nested block was being stripped off to make room for the footer. (SPR 1664778)

o Fixed breaking across block or slim table columns when those columns progress from right to left. (SPR 1787334)

o Fixed alignment of display maths in arabic paragraph. (SPR 1787253)

o Fixed resizing of block columns when flowing to a new frame or page of a different width and progression direction is set right to left. (SPR 1978112)

o Fixed an issue where a block or slim table could end prematurely if it had a repeating title and overflowed during a child table of overflow mode 2. (SPR 1980599)

o Fixed issue with sprint where combined footnotes did not trim back when their references got displaced. (SPR 1976267)

o Fixed bad line breaking issue with Thai text in brackets. (SPR 1980684)

o Implemented support for flexible width blocks being rotated. (SPR 1981064)