10.0 M040 (Build 1189)

o Fixed issue where either <?tpfitbr> or autoleading caused the last line of a para to overflow and then widows and orphans were being ignored. (SPR 1865826)

o Fixed column headers for multiple levels of nesting (SPR 1664778)

o Add support to allow blocks indents to be absolute (relative to margin) using <?blockindentabs>.  (SPR 1805054).

o Fixed a number of cases involving column footers and nesting (SPR 1664778)

o Fixed which top margin is applied following a skipped column header or footer. (SPR 1949036)

o Added FOM Accolades.

o Fix crash with contextdown. (SPR 1952453)

o Fixed namespace support in Strip Space control streams. (SPR 1877605)

o Added support to preserve children in Strip Space control streams (preserve 1,”name”). (SPR 1877605)

o Fixed issue where widow lines weren’t being counted properly at the end of a block or table. (SPR 1954407)

o Fixed issue where the orphan priority was ignored for the last paragraph if the keeps were too large (SPR 1954409)

o Fixed handling of <?tbwmode=2> tables splitting horizontally and then overflowing when nested.(SPR 1954968)

o Fixed problem with psequp getting triggered twice after a blank page. (SPR 1938805)

o Improved error messages with invalid parameters to FOM fFormatting.contextAdd() and contextRemove().

o Fixed issue so accolades correctly ignore the value of <?tpxbrk>. (SPR 1907764)

o Added support to combine footnotes by reference, using combine=2 in the footnote control stream.(SPR 1921186)

o Fixed pointer error when using a footer within a table that is nested within a table that also contains a footer. (SPR 1936268)

o Fixed crash in colour dialogue when colour name is longer than 40 characters. (SPR 1913425)

o Fixed cursor positioning in very wide edit bar. (SPR 1917906)

o Fixed problems saving OpenType fonts to a bundle. (SPR 1919464)

o Fixed problem with <?bk> on end of word at end of line. (SPR 1907456)

o Fixed problem with multiple ligature table changes in a word at end of line. (SPR 1954907)

o Fixed problem with fish loops crashing when using old show string syntax. (SPR 1958757)

o Modified APP installer to make each patch version install independently to any other v10 version. (SPR 1901316)

o Added support for fStream.control with frame, layer and layergroup types.

o Fixed graphic state problems when outputting EPS files to PDF. (SPR 1958767)