The release notes say this:


o Fixed “Insert Text Counter” dialogue where the “force lowercase” capitalisation option incorrectly appeared as a button. (SPR 1869893)

o Fixed spanspecs when used as the first cell in a line. (SPR 1869427)

o Fixed language selection list (accessed via dialogue from ‘tl’ macro). Problem was caused by reverse look-up of values to names when language names had aliases. (SPR 1869885)

o Fixed issue when jumping to a specific column in a table that is already occupied (SPR 1869465)

o Added new option to the document saving preferences that allows a document to be loaded without automatically going to a page.

o Added new mode to the StripSpace control stream normalize parameter to fix issue with elements within text. (SPR 1878828)

o Fixed issue when using <?tbrfill> and <?tbend 1> together. (SPR 1869465)

o Fixed <?tbrfill> so it fills in gaps in a row even when the cells are specified out of order. (SPR 1869465)

o Fixed potential lockup when prescanning a table that contains a nested table that is rotated (SPR 1854594)

o Fixed fStream.StreamSeekOrigin values to match the code.

o Extended _ex_map functionality to allow .js files to be opened directly in APP.

o Fixed issue with the inter-column gutter rule when breaking across columns and the right hand edge of the line doesn’t match that of the previous line. (SPR 1881644)

o Fixed “Below lowest line” and “Bottom, below lowest” footnotes to behave more consistently like regular “From the bottom, up” footnotes (e.g. being able to split). (SPR 1857906)

o Fixed formatting with contents control stream so it doesn’t hang (broken since v10). (SPR 1868047)

o Fixed footnote reliability when referenced from a frame on a page layer. (SPR 1857886)

o Fixed crash when inline footnotes are used on the same page as balanced text. (SPR 1884484)

o Fixed a VJ issue when a line restarts (for begin/end keep, <?bk>..<?ek> and min orphan word length, <?tporwl>). (SPR 1897432)

o Implemented <?tpkpallmax> overflow option for unsplitable content that is too big (SPR 1849287 and 1735814)

o Fixed crash when generating new style XML index. (SPR 1873381)

o Fixed problem with ttrevout. (SPR 1905266)

o Fixed problem when a change of header occurs at the top of a column and there are 3 levels or more. (SPR 1846121)

o Stopped <?tpfmt 8> from having adverse effects when trying to size-to-fit whilst measuring column widths with a prescan. (SPR 1903991)

o Fixed getvars 21887 and 21888 return the correct position when an XML stream is well formed but validation failed. (SPR 1882829)

o Fixed incorrect vertical justification of a stream caused by the presence of alignment in a different stream on the page. (SPR 1857460)

o Fixed crash with sprint when the first control stream only contains formatting settings. (SPR 1908906)

o Fixed possible crash when printing with an invalid print range. (SPR 1912764)

o Fixed problems with manipulating FOM fLog objects (SPR 1911808)

o Fixed problem where underlines and backgrounds were not stopping when instructed. (SPR 1869888)

o Added support for simplified Japanese numbering scheme (show string $82, format_seq ‘japanese-simplified’) . (SPR 1833219)

o Add new modes to support accolades on the inside or outside, use abolute units, and cooperate better with the block model.

o Fixed issues with importing and linking to external content in FOM (SPR 1914412)

o Fixed internal memory corruption and possible pointer error when using a nested table prescan (SPR 1901310)

o Fixed internal memory corruption and possible pointer error when using <?tbwref> within a nested table (SPR 1901310)

o Fixed regression in PDF bookmark generation intoduced in 10.0 M020, resulting in bookmarks in a potentially erroneous order.

o Added support to allow PDF bookmark generation to collapse missing levels. (SPR 1896026)

o Fixed problem with page sequence commands getting ignored after multiple formats. (SPR 1808146)

o Fixed problem with footnotes not getting blanked properly during a format+print (superprint). (SPR 1736073)

o Implemented Styler leading simulation options, including: <?tbcignrw>, <?tbignrw>, <?tpignrw>, <?tpdtc>, <?talbbx>, <?talglim>, <?talgap>, <?talamaxdt> and <?talamaxdtc>.

o Improved resolution of EPS files when printing to PDF. (SPR 1884524)

o Adding correct FOM frame raster scaling properties. (SPR 1908647)