o Added caching of onEnter and onExit stream names for Contexts.

o Fixed possible corruption of revision markers when freezing pages. (SPR 1844155)

o Fixed issue with FOM fContent.importRaster() and importGraphic() where an error is reported even if the image loaded successfully. (SPR 1846139)

o Fixed problem where pasteboard may be printed when using imposition. (SPR 1837431)

o Fixed issues with printing using FOM fPrinter objects (SPR 1847260)

o Fixed missing side rule specified at the end of the last line of a paragraph that is squashed. (SPR 1832259)

o Fixed pointer error when trying to balance an empty block (SPR 1836980)

o Fixed crash when formatting large documents using JavaScript (SPR 1843849)

o Implemented <?tbcwoverlap> so that when content is too big for a cell, it is allowed to overhang instead of skipping to the next cell (SPR 1744200)

o Fixed possible pointer error when handling illegal syntax for a nested block (SPR 1797116)

o Fixed problems with FOM fFormatting.currentPage and fPage.mainLayer (SPR 1868804)

o Fix the fColor() constructor to produce colour “none” without arguments. (SPR 1869425)

o Support assinging to fParagraph::tabs[] and fTable::columns[] slots. (SPR 1869486)

o Prevent APP crashes when using JavaScript prototype objects. (SPR 1869487)

o Correctly typecheck the argument for the fIndex::addItem() method. (SPR 1869488)

o Updated PStill to version 1.72.18 (SPR 1878725)

o Fixed problem with missing characters in OpenType fonts with PostScript outlines. (SPR 1880704)

o Fixed APP to remain active while Help Centre open. (SPR 1853184)