Leading Financial Print Company, London.

Customer and Industry

A specialist Financial Print Company providing a host of services, including a workflow for Regulatory Financial Reporting document and the preparation and management of them.

New Requirements

The customers existing typesetting and workflow systems had evolved over 30 years, based around a product that was no longer being developed or maintained. As a result they were not able to facilitate more exacting requirements within their workflow around document comparison, production speed and supporting new technologies.
For this reason, they started looking for replacement systems and components to deliver what was needed to remain competitive in the market place, while eliminating some highly expensive solution proposals and various pagination platform technology stacks, including XPP, Quark and InDesign.


The challenges became clear from the early specification stages that the system must include, amongst other things:

  • Improve the workflow production and turn around speed at every proofing stage.
  • Be easy to re-train and use for Typesetter/Operators in multi-national global locations.
  • Have the ability and capability for both manual and semi-automated pagination.
  • Improve the quality of output and accuracy of comparison proofs in compliance with strict STBL (UK) & BaFin (DE) requirements, something that the customer was not able to fully achieve automatically with other comparison tools.
  • Within a fixed budget and tight schedule.

Custom requirements included such needs as:

  • Process and handle various quality MS Word customer source data into a manageable format for custom Typesetting and Comparison.
  • Typeset data professionally to either the customers’ or ‘in-house’ style, with full manual control plus semi-automated components with potential for fully automated pagination.
  • Accurate blacklining (strikethrough/red-lining/change tracking) at multiple proof cycle levels.
  • Split/Sub large documents during composition and/or correction stages while retaining document integrity and custom workflow extensions.
  • Produce a fully formatted document compare proof between any 2 cycle/proof levels according to strict compliance for the UKLA and German regulators.
  • To deliver and output typeset PDF & MS Word format readback.
  • Offer pipeline options for XML/XBRL/Edgar2 conversion from completed typeset documents.

Outcome & Benefits

After a period of feasibility studies followed by an extensive specification building and requirement gathering process, working very closely with the customers’ team our recommended approach was accepted. The new system has now replaced the entire Source input conversion tools, Composition System, document comparison tools and proof generation workflow.

After the initial delivery which came in on time and on budget, a period of system review, user training, feedback cycles and beta testing was undertaken before the system went into live production work in early 2017.  The system has delivered improvements at each stage of the production process with a more intuitive, much faster, future proofed and highly extensible system.

This solution was developed and delivered in a collaborative partnership between tformat Ltd, AJS DataSolutions Ltd and Ajeeo Ltd. collectively now offering financial solutions and bespoke software under the single umbrella of Squaremoons Publishing Solutions Limited.