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30th Sep 16

Arbortext APP V11.1 M040 Release Notes

11.1 M040 (Build 4243) This is an interim patch, with the majority of our work focussed on the M050 release in December. Fixed issues with formatting getting stuck when processing augmented nodes. (SPR 5802047) Fixed crash with FOM fdFrameColumn.text propery. (SPR 5699709) Fixed crash in the XML printer driver when outputting rules. (SPR 5915862) Fixed […]

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17th Jun 16

Arbortext APP V11.1 M030 Release Notes

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 11.1 M030 (Build 4214) The major improvements since the last major release version (11.0) are:- Platform Support Added support for Windows 8 / Server 2012 Added support for Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 Direct PDF Output Added option to downsample images. Template Debugging Added JavaScript debugger. Added field tree debug. […]

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26th Apr 16

Financial XRT Solution

Financial eXtensible Round Trip* Solution (XRTS) is new workflow solution designed for the specialist requirements of the Financial Print Industry to provide a set of integrated tools for conversion, processing and publishing needs. See more information about Financial XRTS    

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14th Mar 16

Arbortext APP V11.1 M020 Release Notes

11.1 M020 Fixed problem printing to GIF using a detailed half-tone control stream. (SPR 4989676) Updated PDF driver to output named colours in their defined colourspace. (SPR 4947593) Updated PDFlib library to latest version 9.0.6 (SPR 4989786) Fixed problems with inconsistent rule widths in PostScript output. (SPR 2812700) Fixed problems Thai character placement in some […]

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8th Feb 16

Arbortext APP V11.0 M100 Release Notes

11.0 M100 (Build 3487) Prevented “xmlns:” prefix appearing on default namespace declarations in XSLT output. (SPR 4741954) Footnotes: implemented ‘multiplecalls 2’ and multiplecallsattributes to selectively ignore attributes when comparing if footnotes are the same and so should be skipped (SPR 2889278) Improved inline keeps <?bk> <?ek> <?bkw> <?ekw> (SPR 2813106, 2813660, 2813712, 2814766) Fixed problem […]

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